Northeast Pennsylvania's premier private school


Campus Life

“In my experience, Sem is a remarkable place because of the opportunity for growth it presents. Sem truly allows each student to become what they want to be.” Samantha Immidisetti '18

Life as a boarding student at Wyoming Seminary is an experience like no other. Over 150 students from more than 12 different states and more than 20 countries from around the world call Sem home. Students live together, work together, compete together, and, most importantly, learn together.

Dorm living is fun. You’ll become friends with both students and dorm parents, and the best part is that there’s always someone to hang out with, play video games, watch a movie or study with. After school, students meet with clubs, participate in sports, or conference with teachers. Dinner is either casual or family-style, when students share a meal with different students and faculty members. In the evening, there are study hours, and also down time that can be spent with friends, on walks to local restaurants and stores, and activities which are planned for all students every weekend!