Residential Life

The goal of the boarding department is to create an atmosphere in which students can grow academically and socially within a supportive structure of faculty families and peers. As with the broader school community, courtesy, respect for rights, and pleasantness are essential for a positive operation.

Although individual living units operate with different styles and with some minor variations, the information and regulations that follow apply to all boarding students except where otherwise indicated. Boarding students should be aware that they are under the school’s jurisdiction at all times during the school year except when signed out with their parents’ permission to visit another student, family member or friend. However, boarding students need to keep in mind that they are representatives of the school at all times.

Each student is furnished with a single bed and mattress (extra long), student desk with a bookshelf, a desk chair, a chest of drawers, and a mirror. Dorms have common bathroom and shower facilities. Students furnish their own washcloths and bath towels, sheets and pillowcases, mattress pads or covers, blankets, bedspreads, and wastebaskets.

We encourage all residential students to brighten their rooms in an acceptable manner according to their own tastes. Curtains (with tension rods), throw rugs, bean bag or director’s chairs, plants, pictures and posters are all items which make rooms cheerful and comfortable. Windows are of varying sizes; students should bring expandable curtain rods. In Darte, Fleck and Swetland Halls, window sizes range from 24” x 60” to 38” x 68”. In Carpenter Hall, the standard size is 44” x 57”. Pictures and posters should be hung with special materials which do not damage paint; nails, thumbtacks and Scotch tape are not permitted.

Students should bring their own study lamps or a bedside table with lamp. Students may also bring radios, stereos/CD players and their components. A storage area is provided for bicycles. A small “lock box” has been placed in each room for personal items of value such as wallets, jewelry and laptop computers. Students must provide their own locks.

Boarding students are encouraged to have personal computers (as well as printers, if desired) in their dorm rooms. Data ports with Internet access are in each room and all dormitories have wireless access. The school computer instructional format is Macintosh and all of the computers available in classrooms are Macs. A detailed letter addressing technical aspects of computer use in dorms, guidelines for purchasing a computer, e-mail accounts and network hours is located in the Resources & Links section of My Sem.

Parents and students should be aware:

    that some courses require typed essays.

    that some courses require certain work to be submitted electronically. Computers are available in the library and computer rooms, but possession of a personal computer would certainly be an advantage to any boarding student.

Please note that students are advised to consult with their parents’ insurance agents to determine whether or not their personal property is covered by homeowner or other family policies. Wyoming Seminary is not responsible for personal effects in dormitories and has no insurance for theft or loss of students‘ property. Personal property insurance is available through the Business Office at (570) 270-2130.

Students are NOT permitted to have televisions larger than 31 inches, refrigerators or electrical appliances such as air conditioners, sun lamps, halogen lamps, electric blankets, room heaters, popcorn poppers, hot pots or hot plates. Animals and pets of any kind, including fish, are NOT permitted in dorm rooms. Irons, provided by the school, are to be used ONLY in designated places. Violations of these regulations result in confiscation of the banned item. Violations are also cause for disciplinary actions and possible monetary fines. Containers which contain or once contained alcoholic beverages, tobacco or drugs are expressly prohibited. Posters which depict or glamorize alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products or which are considered sexually inappropriate are forbidden.

We strongly discourage families from sending television and video game consoles with their student until after they have fully acclimated to the academic rigor of Wyoming Seminary.

Wyoming Seminary takes careful precautions to reduce the chances of fire. Student cooperation with these precautions is both important and expected. Specifically, many of the items listed above in the “What Not To Bring” section are prohibited for fire safety reasons. Absolutely no combustible materials or open flames are permitted on campus in dormitory rooms, hallways or any other portion of buildings in which students are housed – this includes candles, incense, matches, etc. Also, strong disciplinary action will be taken for unauthorized use of fire alarms or extinguishers. Special instructions for students for fire drills will be given at the beginning of school.

General guidelines are:

At the sound of the alarm, all students will close all windows, and close but not lock the door. Proceed to the exit designated for their area. Wait in designated meeting area for attendance check and for further instructions.

Cooperation and attention to these instructions is important and could save lives.

Mrs. Beth Blaum: (570) 270-2180
Mrs. Beth Blaum is our school nurse; Ms. Maria Coons is the associate nurse. The health services suite is located on the first floor of Darte Hall near Nelson Bell Tower. Office hours are 7:45 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. every school day; Mrs. Blaum will be in the office evenings and weekends as needed. Mrs. Blaum is available at all times by cell phone. Boarding students should contact the faculty member on duty if they need to see the nurse after regular office hours. A school doctor is accessible for consultation. Information on medical procedure as it pertains to the doctor will be available from the nurse’s office as school opens.

The following procedures should be followed in reporting illness or injury:
   boarding students should report to Health Services between 7:45 and 8:00 a.m. if they feel ill in the morning.

Excuses from class for reasons of ill health may be granted only by the nurse. In most instances, ill students excused by the nurse will be required to stay in the Health Services suite during the school day to be treated by the nurse. Meals will be brought to the students. If the boarding student is absent Bells 6, 7 and 8, the nurse may require that student to remain in his/her dorm room for the remainder of the day and evening. In such cases, she will arrange for dinner to be brought to the student’s room.

Boarding students who are injured in athletic contests or practices must report injuries to the coach and the dorm leader upon return to the dorm. 

Students who are ill or injured on or adjacent to campus should report to the nurse before going to a doctor. If the nurse is not on duty, the student must report to the dorm leader or other dorm faculty, the Dean’s office or (on weekends) to the staff duty person before going to a doctor. Students may go to any doctor of their parents’ choice for treatment. However, the school is not responsible for the treatment of those students who go to a doctor other than the school’s doctor. Students going to another doctor should make certain that the doctor has permission from the parents before beginning treatment. We ask that the doctor inform our nurse of treatment and condition of the student.

Students who have prescription medicine issued to them MUST report this to the nurse and arrange a schedule with her to take the dosage. Most prescription medicine must be stored in the nurse's office.

All boarding students will study each evening from Sunday through Thursday, 8:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. Assignments and supplies should be assembled before 8:00 p.m. For the convenience of the faculty on duty, room doors must remain open during study hours.

Students who wish to study with other students or faculty during study hours may do so only with permission of the dorm parent on duty. This permission will be granted ONLY during the period from 9:00-10:00 p.m.

The library is open Monday through Thursday evenings from 7:30 until 9:30 p.m.

From 7:30-7:59 p.m., boarders do not need permission from a dorm parent to be in the library. By 8:00, boarders who wish to remain in the library for study hall must check in with the librarian on duty to report that they will not be returning to the dorm for study hall check-in.

After 8:00 p.m., students in the dorm who wish to go to the library will need a permission slip from the dorm parent on duty.

All students who return from the library during study hall will need to check-in with the dorm parent on duty when they return to the dorm.

Evening study hall is intended to be a quiet work session where students are on task. Whether in the dormitory or the library, students are expected to remain engaged in academic pursuits and avoid behavior that will distract themselves or those around them.

Students are not to be excused from evening study hall except by the nurse, the Dean of Upper School, the Director of Residential Life, a Class Dean or the Dorm Head. If excused by the nurse, the student must report this to the Dorm Head.

Students who indicate by their behavior that they cannot handle the responsibility of studying in their rooms will be placed in supervised study hall and/or given some form of dorm discipline.

Students must put personal cell phones on “vibrate” during evening study hall. Families may call dorm heads in the event of an emergency. Families are discouraged from calling students during study hall.

In order to maintain an academic priority in view of the large number of evening sports events and other activities during the week, the following policy is in effect during the winter term. Students are advised to check calendars early in the week so that they may choose their events for that week. Students must sign out with the person on duty in their dormitories.

   boarding students on the Dean’s List may attend two evening school functions per week. Afternoon study hall attendance is not required.

   boarding students not on the Dean’s List and not on the D and F list may attend one evening school function per week. Afternoon study hall attendance is not required.

   D and F list boarding students may not attend evening events.

The time between dinner and 8:00 p.m. is free time. There are lounges in both Carpenter Hall and Swetland Hall that are open for coed visiting during this period. During the period from 10:00 until 10:30 p.m., freshmen and sophomores are permitted out of their dorms to go to the Levi Lounge and Coffee House only. Lounge areas within each dorm are open for use. An exception to this rule will occur on nights when the gym and pool are open.

It is a junior/senior/postgraduate privilege to visit in the dorm lounge other than their own that is open on a designated night from 10:00-10:30 p.m. Boarding students may not ride in cars during this period. Boarding students may NOT leave campus during this period and are expected to remain on campus for the remainder of the evening after 8:00 p.m. Dorm lounges are open after study hall on the evenings indicated:

    Wallis Room in Swetland Hall

   Darte Lounge (open to Darte residents only)

    Levi Lounge in Carpenter Hall

It is important that everyone adheres to the visitation schedule outlined here. While it may be fun to be with students from the other dorms, some of the people in your dorm may occasionally want a little more privacy.

Lights out for all dorms for all students will be at 11:00.

Boarding students are expected to keep their rooms neat and clean. Furniture is not to be removed from the dorm rooms in which it is originally placed. Beds are not to be modified in any way – removal of ends, placing springs/mattresses on the floor, etc. Special tape or molding brackets are the only means by which wall hangings or posters may be mounted.

Dorm rooms will be inspected frequently by dorm leaders and resident faculty. Students are expected to keep rooms clean, neat and orderly at all times. Beds are to be made and clothes put away. Desks are to be kept in good order. Rooms are to be swept and trash (including wastebasket) emptied in hallway containers. Dorm consequences may be assigned for violations of the above, and charges will be made for damages. Damages to common areas will be assessed to all residents of the living unit unless someone assumes responsibility.

Each dorm leader will hand out a room condition report to each boarder as the school year begins. Each student should take the time to see that these reports are complete and accurate before returning them to the dorm leader. If, for any reason, a student should change his or her room during the school year, he or she must be sure to fill out another room condition sheet and return it to either their dorm head or a representative of the Dean of Upper School’s office.

The dormitory rooms are the property of Wyoming Seminary and are loaned to the students to use for the school year. Wyoming Seminary reserves the right to search rooms for condition and for the presence of any inappropriate materials as school officials see fit. The room may be searched without the student present but always in the presence of two adults. The school also reserves the right to engage the Kingston Police Department to assist in room searches when warranted.

   Students are urged to ALWAYS to keep rooms locked. It is even advisable to lock the room when going to the lavatory or just down the hall.

   Students are advised not to keep valuables in their rooms. Money, jewelry and credit cards should be kept to a minimum.

   The school strongly suggests that boarders not leave credit cards, money, checkbooks, jewelry and other valuables around in plain sight. School provided lock boxes should be used to secure such items. Parents should check bills carefully if their son or daughter has a credit card.

Please refer to our transportation page for more information regarding boarders and motor vehicles.

Except for a few closed weekends, a boarding student may be excused to visit his/her home on weekends or may be excused for visits elsewhere with permission from home. Each boarding student planning to leave campus for a weekend MUST file an online request for permission to leave campus before noon on Thursday of that week. The online request form can be found online at
The online request form is enabled from Monday at 8:00 a.m. through Thursday at noon.

A telephone or e-mail permission from the custodial parent, as well as from the host, is required by noon on Friday in each case. Correspondence concerning weekend permissions should be directed to Allie Maxwell, Director of Residential Life. She can be reached at her office phone: (570) 270-2124, the Parent Line: (570) 270-2153, or by e-mail:

If, for any reason, the student has a change in weekend plans, it is the responsibility of the parent to notify the Director of Residential Life or the administrator on duty for the weekend.

All boarding students MUST return to their dorm before 7:30 p.m. on Sunday evenings. Ample time should be allowed to cover delays en route. If unforeseen circumstances cause a student to be late, the student or parent should call the dorm parent on duty that weekend. Name and contact information for dorm parents are listed online and on each weekend bulletin.

The school reserves the right to cancel any weekend permission at any time or to revoke weekend privilege for students; weekend permissions are a privilege, not a right.

Parents of boarding students are urged to notify their child’s Class Dean and the Director of Residential Life when they will be away for extended periods.

1. Students should fill out a sign-out request 
by noon on Thursday, after which the form is disabled.

2. After the request has been submitted, a parent or guardian must e-mail or call the Director of Residential Life no later than Friday at 12:00 p.m. to confirm the sign-out. Call the Parent Phone Line at (570) 270-2153 or the director’s office at (570) 270-2124 or send an e-mail to

3. The Director of Residential Life will notify the student when his/her signout has been approved. Students may not leave campus until the sign-out has been approved. PASSES NOT APPROVED BY 12:00 P.M. FRIDAY ARE AUTOMATICALLY CANCELLED.

Dormitories open and close PRECISELY on the dates listed online. Students will NOT be accommodated in the dormitories before the stated arrival dates or after the departure dates. Families of students arriving early or departing after dates listed below must make alternative housing arrangements.

Travel plans must be made according to the schedule noted online.

September 2-4, 2016
Students may not sign out or go off-campus this weekend. The school reserves the right to add closed weekends when needed.

Please see the travel procedures page for more details regarding travel services and fees. 

Any boarding student who would like to have an overnight guest in a dormitory must make arrangements with the appropriate dorm leader at least 48 hours in advance. The student is responsible for his/her guest. If meals are to be taken in the dining room, this must be cleared with a representative of the Director of Residential Life’s office at least 48-hours in advance. Guests are permitted on weekends, but not on weekdays unless special conditions exist.

Attendance is required at all meals (with the exception of breakfast on Saturday and Sunday) unless the student has been excused by the Director of Residential Life or appropriate Class Dean. Please note that shirts and shoes must be worn in the dining room and kitchen at all times, in keeping with health regulations.

Family-style dinners occur twice per week and are a chance for students and faculty to share a meal and enjoy the company of different people at their table.

Promptness is expected at all family-style dinners. Table assignments will be posted for family-style meals and change every three weeks. All boarding students are expected to share in performing “waiting duties” at the family-style meals. Details on expectations and procedures for waiters will be given at the beginning of the school year.

Students are not permitted to remove dishes, silverware, glasses or other equipment without permission from the dining room supervisor.

Wyoming Seminary does not provide personal spending accounts. Students are encouraged to bring a bank card with them. To have access to spending money, Wyoming Seminary has an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) in the lobby of Stettler Learning Resources Center (SLRC). A bank representative will be available at school registration to open a bank account.

There will also be a lock box available that will be in each of the dorm rooms to secure cash, bank cards, etc. Students must provide their own locks.

Boarding students are advised against keeping large sums of money in their rooms. The school will not be responsible for the loss of money in their rooms or student use.

Coin-operated washers and dryers are in each dorm for student use.

The school mail boxes are located in Sprague Hall. Mail is distributed Monday through Friday and may be picked up Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. To facilitate delivery to boarding students, please address mail as:

John/Jane Doe
Mailbox Number
Wyoming Seminary
201 North Sprague Avenue
Kingston, PA 18704-3593

Wyoming Seminary cannot accept responsibility for storage of students’ personal belongings during the summer months. Only students who live a great distance from school will be allowed to store personal items. No large items, such as sofas or loveseats, will be stored. Wyoming Seminary assumes no responsibility for these items. Items left in storage after the opening of school will be assumed to be unwanted and may be discarded.

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