Attendance and Absences

School attendance is a priority and the Class Deans keep track of attendance with students via the "Accountability List." The school expects students to attend classes and expects parents of day students to notify the school when a student will be absent. The Class Dean, leading the grade of the student in question, can facilitate gathering assignments once it is clear that the family and the school approve the absence.

For every absence, parents are encouraged to call the appropriate Class Dean on the morning of the absence. If there is no phone call, students must, upon return to school, present a written excuse from a parent or guardian. This documentation should be presented to his/her Class Dean or the office’s assistant, Mrs. Sherry Cassetori at (570) 270-2170, at the beginning of the school day. Documentation excusing an absence should be presented to a class dean, or a representative of the Dean’s Office within 24-hours of the date of return or the absence will be designated as unexcused.

A student knowing in advance of an absence (a family occasion, college visit, etc.) should complete a “Green Sheet” request form which may be obtained from the appropriate Class Dean. In order for approval to be given, signatures from teachers whose classes will be missed and that of his/her Class Dean are required. This indicates that the teacher and student have discussed all academic requirements and that the necessary contingency plans have been established. This form must be returned to the Class Dean’s office before the absence. The sheet is not a substitute for parental communication. Parent and student cooperation in this process is necessary to ensure proper accountability of our students.

In the event of illness or injury, boarding students are expected to report to the nurse’s office by 8:00 a.m. A residential student who is unable to report to the nurse’s office on his/her own, should call Beth Blaum in the nurse’s office, (570) 270-2180, before the start of bell 1 or e-mail the nurse.

Students should also be aware the nurse will make every attempt to respond to all e-mail and voicemail messages within 30 minutes. If a student does not get a response from the school nurse in 30 minutes or less, they must contact their class dean to report illness or injury. Any student who feels ill during the school day must see the nurse before they can be excused from class or released from campus.

Any student determined to be cutting a scheduled class, study hall, assembly or other school obligation will be penalized according to our published disciplinary code. If a student cuts a class repeatedly, the parents will be notified and may be required to participate in a conference with the Class Dean and/or the Dean of the Upper School.

Repeated infractions of attendance policies may result in suspension and/ or the loss of academic credit.

Students must attend at least the second half of the class day (Bell 5 to Bell 8) on the day of an extracurricular contest or performance in order to be eligible for participation in that event. Exceptions to this can only be granted by the school administration.

Any student arriving late for school should report immediately to his/her Class Dean’s office to explain his/her tardiness and to get an entrance slip for class. Unexcused or repeated lateness will result in disciplinary action. Students leaving campus during the school day are required to check out in the Class Dean’s office prior to departure. Unless excused by parents and checked out, students are not permitted to leave campus during the school day. Detention may be assigned to any student leaving without permission.

It is critical that boarders make travel arrangements for vacations or long weekends in accordance with the school travel dates. Early departures and late returns must be the exception, and these must be discussed with the Director of Residential Life and the appropriate Class Dean as far in advance as possible.

Seniors and postgraduates are permitted to choose one day each week to go off campus for lunch. When electing to do so, the students in question must sign-off and back on campus on the clipboard located in the Class Dean’s office. Students choosing to leave campus for lunch must walk, not drive, and must return on time for their afternoon obligations. Students on the D and F list are not eligible for this privilege.

Class attendance is an important component of the academic program at Wyoming Seminary. Students who are absent frequently are deprived of the benefit of instruction and class discussion. Assisting students who are frequently absent creates significant additional work for our faculty.

Excused and unexcused absences totaling eight or more for a trimester or 20 for a year may result in a conference with parents and a possible reduction in grade.

Excused and unexcused absences totaling 12 or more for a trimester or 30 for a year may result in the assignment of a failing grade or loss of credit for the course. The Dean of the Upper School and appropriate Class Dean will consider and process individual situations where extenuating circumstances have contributed to or caused the absences.

If a student is absent from school for more than a few days as a result of emotional or medical concerns, he or she is expected to comply with the following guidelines and procedures prior to returning to school. “Medical leave” must be approved by the school administration.

   If the departure was for medical reasons, the attending physician must contact the school nurse with follow-up instructions and clearance.

   If the departure was for emotional reasons, the school will require clearance from the attending counselor or physician. The counselor or physician must contact one of the school’s counselors to arrange a program of continued care and to discuss any ongoing concerns.

The school counselors, in consultation with the Dean and the Class Dean, will determine when the conditions of continued enrollment have been met, and only then will the student in question be allowed to return to school.

A representative of the Dean’s office will make every effort to notify students that a teacher is absent or will be late to class. However, students must wait a reasonable time for the arrival of the teacher. Students must not assume that the teacher is not going to arrive. If the teacher has not arrived after ten minutes, students should report to the Dean of Upper School’s office for instruction.

Travel dates for vacations are listed online. Students and parents should make arrangements accordingly. Requests for extensions of vacations must be made in advance through the Class Dean’s office. Such requests must be the exception to the rule. A representative of the Class Dean’s office, or the appropriate Class Dean, will make a “Green Sheet” (application for early dismissal/late return) available to a student who will be responsible for work covered during extended vacations.

Any student visiting a college and missing an academic day must get a “Green Sheet” from his/her Class Dean. Students are responsible for all work missed during the course of their absence. Day students will need a written note from parents. Boarders will need to have the Director of Residential Life sign a "Green Sheet" in case of an overnight trip. In the event that a student does not complete a “Green Sheet,” the absence will be considered unexcused.

Each student is expected to check either the bulletin board in the front of Sprague Hall or the bulletin board in the Class Deans’ office daily. Of particular importance are the Knight & Day, the absence list and the detention list.

The Knight & Day includes the daily schedule and important announcements; it is available online by 4:00 p.m. of the previous day. The absence list includes the names of students who must check with their Class Dean for various reasons: class absence, notes for absences, etc. (Students must clear their name from the absence list through a conversation with their Class Dean within 24 hours of publication, or they will be assigned to an afternoon detention). The detention list includes the names of students who have been assigned to detention and are expected to sit for detention on the afternoon of publication.

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