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Life at Wyoming Seminary is based on mutual respect, self-discipline and personal responsibility. Responsible conduct concerns itself with providing an appropriate environment for both the individual and the community to pursue academic and social growth. In this vein all students of Wyoming Seminary Lower School are expected to exhibit a sincere respect and concern for others and to act as young ladies and gentlemen at all times.

While it is our policy to give individual consideration in disciplinary matters, departure from commonly accepted standards of responsible behavior will constitute grounds for appropriate disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

All students must observe the following rules:

1. Students must not leave before the customary dismissal time without mutual consent of home and school.

2. Cheating is forbidden at Wyoming Seminary. Please review the section on the Honor Code.

3. Possession or use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, firearms (including BB and air guns), knives, martial art supplies or fireworks is prohibited.

4. Vandalism of any kind is prohibited. This includes vandalism to school property as well as to anyone’s personal belongings.

5. Chewing gum is prohibited inside the school building.

6. The use of laser pointers and Apple watches are prohibited.

7. All cellular telephones, digital cameras and pagers must be turned off and stored in backpacks or lockers during the school day.

8. The use of CD players, GameBoys, iPods or any MP3 players, PlayStation Portable (PSP), etc. is prohibited in the Lower School building.

Any discipline matters in the Lower School are first handled by the classroom teachers. However, serious and chronic concerns will be brought to the attention of the grade-level team, the division coordinator, then the dean and, if necessary, the president. Except for minor incidents, parents will be informed immediately by the appropriate teacher, coordinator or dean. If a student should ever engage in behavior that cannot be handled through usual methods in the classroom, he or she may be assigned a form of detention or suspension. These will vary in degree and will be determined on an individual basis. If a student incurs more than five detentions in a term, a suspension of some degree is likely to occur.

Wyoming Seminary does not tolerate harassment or bullying – physical or emotional, verbal or visual. Harassment includes the transmission of disrespectful text messages, e-mail messages, photographs and postings on social networking websites (Facebook and others). Harassment may include not only direct suggestions or slurs, but also offensive movements or gestures, as well as drawings or posters which may be taken as suggestive or demeaning.

Students (or their chosen advocate), faculty members or other employees who are concerned about, wish to bring charges concerning, or need to deal with possible harassment may follow any of three routes:

   conference with either the Dean the Lower School or the School President;
   conference with the Middle-School coordinator; or
   consultation with any teacher of choice. Harassment is considered a major rule violation to be dealt with through regular disciplinary channels.

Students are expected to behave in a manner which exhibits respect for others. Friendliness, helpfulness, courtesy and sensitivity to others are a reflection of good upbringing and the attitude one has towards others. The use of foul language will not be tolerated.

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