Travel Session

For students continuing on from the English Language Institute

August 12-August 21, 2018

Tuition $3200

Students with the desire to extend their summer learning experience have the option of attending the end-of-summer travel session. This program provides an opportunity for learning in a totally different setting. Students depart from Sem’s campus and travel with teachers and counselors through the New England states. Participants have the opportunity to visit popular destinations such as Freeport, the home of L.L. Bean; Portsmouth, a quaint New Hampshire seaport; and Boston, one of America’s most historic cities.

This ten-day experiential learning session affords students a change of pace along with an opportunity to discover sites beyond the Wyoming Seminary campus. Students continue to develop their English language skills, but the learning shifts from reading and writing in the classroom to the use of functional vocabulary in everyday situations. Students must respond to oral commands or speak in English among themselves as they explore new environs and complete challenges together as a group.

Enrollment is limited for this session and is only available to students who are continuing on from the Language and STEM or the Language and Culture Institutes.