Performing Arts Institute


Conductors join us on a rotating basis, thereby offering students exposure to the diverse experience, training, interpretation, and national musical traditions of each conductor. A conductor typically is at PAI for one week, with daily rehearsals culminating in a weekend performance. Conductors are hired to direct Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Institute Chorus, Masterworks Chorale and Jazz Band.


PAI faculty are required to arrive on campus July 8, 2017 and will depart July 30, 2017.

Many symphony orchestras and professional choirs sponsor side-by-side programs, typically lasting for a three-hour rehearsal. Similarly, students at PAI benefit from over six contact hours per day with their teachers. It is the unusually large amount of time that our students are exposed to high caliber professionals that makes the side-by-side experience at PAI so profound.

The majority of our faculty and conductors at the Performing Arts Institute have been working together each summer for a number of years. They continue their association with each other for two reasons: their respect for each other and a shared passion for teaching. The faculty currently performs with symphony orchestras and/or teaches at universities and conservatories. They have trained at The Juilliard School, The Curtis Institute of Music, Eastman School of Music, Yale and The Royal Academy of Music (England), to name a few.

Throughout the summer, teachers perform in recitals, coach chamber groups, and play side-by-side with students in large ensembles. This extensive contact provides students with excellent professional role models. These talented teachers are not only valuable resources; they become lasting friends and mentors who help guide students’ careers.

Resident Assistants (counselors)

Resident Assistants (counselors) come to PAI from leading universities and conservatories, where they are pursuing careers in the arts. They share their knowledge and talents, perform alongside students and faculty, contribute fresh ideas from their studies at universities and conservatories around the world, and provide supervision for the residential community. Above all else, they are committed to helping every student achieve a satisfying artistic and social experience at PAI.