Northeast Pennsylvania's premier private school


Early Childhood

Toddler through Grade 4

Middle School

Grades 5 through 8

Upper School

Grades 9 through Post Graduate

Sem Facts

  • 32%of the Class of 2018 will play an NCAA sport
  • 22%international population, including 35 countries
  • 820students at both campuses
  • 5college counselors
  • 1The only school in the Commonwealth with Round Square Global Membership
  • 21Advanced Placement Courses offered
  • 5Continents represented
  • $31,000Amount raised for local children’s hospital in 2018 by student-organized annual Dance Marathon
  • $16.3 million state-of-the-art performing arts center
  • 2outdoor classrooms

Living At Sem


Our student body is a microcosm of the national and global community with 35 countries, 18 states and five continents represented. Our campus is just two hours from Philadelphia and New York City and the Sem residential life and student activities departments often offer trips. Locally, there is plenty to do in Northeastern Pennsylvania, from outdoor activities to nearby shops and restaurants.

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Sem Stories

Matt Bean

Division I collegiate swimmer, sophomore business major at a prestigious university, teenager living in the fast-paced environment of the United States capital. Matt Bean was ripe for advice when he announced his plans to continue his academic and swimming careers at American University.

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Hooker has always loved performing and remembers doing anything she could to sing, act and perform. Just before her ninth-grade year at GAR, she attended a Performing Arts Institute (PAI) production of “Les Misérables” at the Kirby Center, and her dream of acting in the theater began to come into sharper focus.

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Bob Whitehead

Can you recall where you were when a key moment in history unfolded? Do you remember who you were with when something significant took place? The impact of world-changing events often stay with us forever. Bob Whitehead ’68 felt a rush of emotion when he stepped on campus for Alumni Weekend on May 5, 2018.

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Brigette Henry Cooper - Class of 2004

Brigette Henry Cooper walked into the library where she spent her school days as a child. Eager little faces were there to greet her, while a stack of her very own, recently-published books, were piled neatly and ready for little hands to claim them.

It was fitting for Coopers’s new children’s series Game Face to debut at the very place that helped foster her love of reading – Wyoming Seminary’s Lower School.

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