Academic Concentrations

Wyoming Seminary students

As an independent college preparatory school, Wyoming Seminary seeks to create active learners, responsible citizens, community leaders, and ethical individuals ready to take their place in the global community of the 21st century (School Motto and Mission).

At Sem, a student can choose to focus their work within a specialized Academic Concentration. Rich in meaningful opportunities that complement the school’s core commitment to academic excellence, personal integrity, spiritual growth, and community service, our students set goals and design a course of study for meeting them over the course of their years at Sem. Participating students regularly meet with their Concentration Advisor and a panel of their peers to evaluate their progress and plan their next steps. Key components in a student’s journey include the development of a portfolio and presentation of a Capstone Project. Students successfully completing the work will earn transcript designation and recognition at graduation.

         Climate Science and Sustainability         
         Humanities and Global Studies