Climate Science and Sustainability

The Climate Science and Sustainability Concentration is a four-year program designed for Wyoming Seminary students to both focus their studies and engage in a variety of experiences that center around the scientific, global, atmospheric, economic, and societal implications of climate change in the present and future. This work will include fieldwork, research, portfolio development and will culminate in a Capstone Project. Student work will be regularly reviewed by a preselected panel and later presented and displayed to the community at a poster session during the fall of senior year.

Timeline for the 2022-23 academic year

  • Interest meeting for the class of 2025 will be held September 20
  • Applications for class of 2025 due by October 3, 2022
  • Cohort for class of 2025 will be selected by October 31, 2022
  • Interest meeting for the class of 2026 will be held in February. Check your email for updates or see Mr. McGlinn for information.
  • Applications for class of 2026 due in March
  • New cohort will be selected in early April 
  • Cohort meetings will begin in late April to plan the individual course of study and expectations for Summer 2023

Students enrolled in this concentration program will:

  • Cultivate a portfolio throughout their time in the program. The portfolio will include academic intersections, participation in cohort meetings and program events, and engagement in work related to the area of focus through clubs and community service activities.
  • Participate in regular meetings with their concentration advisor to review their portfolio work, course of study, community engagement, and capstone project. These meetings will ensure intentional planning and commitment through each academic year and the program as a whole.
  • Design and complete a capstone project by the fall term of senior year.
  • Present capstone work and final portfolio to the Sem community in January of senior year.


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    The marine biome was completed by Tyra McCormick and Jess Kline, class of 2020. This canvas is one of a 10-piece project that will be completed by various student artists at Sem. Most of the artists are members of Mark Webber’s AP Studio class. The completed canvases will be part of a future art showing at the KCCA. They will be also used individually around campus and, in partnership with the Endangered Species Club and Environmental Club, have other educational components about the biomes, animals that live in it, and the effects of climate change on this area.