Humanities and Global Studies

The Humanities and Global Studies Concentration is a four-year program through which students engage in interdisciplinary academic studies and experiential learning focused on aspects of history, language, culture, and politics of their choosing. Students will chronicle the work generated through their academic studies and relevant extracurricular activities, building a portfolio and leading to a Capstone Project to be completed by the fall term of their senior year. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive recognition at graduation of a Concentration in Humanities and Global Studies with an emphasis in a selected discipline(s) and transcript designation.

Timeline for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

  • Interest meeting for the class of 2025 will be held in early September
  • Applications for class of 2025 due by October 3, 2022
  • Cohort for class of 2025 will be selected by October 31, 2022
  • Interest meeting for the class of 2026 will be held in February. Check your email for updates or see Dr. Kaschak or Mrs. Stretanski for information. 
  • Applications for class of 2026 due in March
  • New cohort will be selected in early April 
  • Cohort meetings will begin in late April to plan the individual course of study and expectations for summer 2023

Students enrolled in this concentration program will:

  • Complete required coursework that includes: four credits of English coursework, including applicable electives in their area of focus; four credits of History/Social Sciences coursework, including one year of AP coursework or elective courses related to their area of focus; three credits of Global Languages/ELL coursework, including completion of the honors level in one language; coursework in other departments related to the student’s area of focus
  • Cultivate a portfolio throughout their time in the program. The portfolio will include evidence of engagement with their area of focus resulting from academic and co-curricular pursuits. 
  • Participate in regular meetings with their concentration advisor to review their portfolio work, course of study, community engagement, and capstone project. These meetings will ensure intentional planning and commitment through each academic year and the program as a whole. Students will submit a summary of each meeting to the Concentration Director(s).
  • Design and complete a capstone project by the fall term of senior year.
  • Present capstone work and final portfolio to the Sem community in January of senior year.