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Wyoming Seminary was founded in 1844 to serve as a "seminary of learning." Over the past 180-plus years, the school's commitment to providing students with a first-class education has never wavered, has always remained its top priority and has guided Sem in the hiring of excellent, forward-thinking instructors.

Wyoming Seminary is built upon a strong foundation of core subjects, such as math, science, history and language, which form the backbone of a well-rounded education. Sem's faculty is just as committed, however, to nurturing students' creative skills and critical-thinking abilities in enrichment programs and elective courses.

Wyoming Seminary Lower School in Forty Fort houses three levels of academic programming. Early Childhood encompasses toddler, preschool, prekindergarten and kindergarten; Primary is Grades 1-4; and Middle School is Grades 5-8. As students grow older and undergo significant cognitive, emotional and social transformations while at the Lower School, our classrooms and teachers — and their teaching philosophies — change, as well. One thing that never changes is our commitment to fostering a growth mindset and adjusting to the unique needs and interests of each age group.

Wyoming Seminary Upper School in Kingston is home to Sem's Grades 9 through 12 and postgraduate population. The curriculum at this stage is challenging, thus preparing students for success in college and beyond, but it is also flexible. We offer 25 Advanced Placement and 12 Honors courses, as well as standard-level courses, providing students with teaching that is tailored to their aspirations. Flexibility in course selection alleviates academic pressure on students who may not be ready for AP or Honors courses but will still grow from a meaningful educational experience.

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