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STEM/STEAM Concentration

The STEM/STEAM Concentration is a four-year program designed for Wyoming Seminary students that has two specific components. First is an academic progression through a focused choice in classes. Second, in concert with the academic coursework, candidates must complete discipline-specific work through independent projects sustained during sophomore, junior, and senior years.  This work is chronicled, building a portfolio and leading to a capstone project to be completed by fall term of senior year.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive recognition at graduation of a Concentration in STEM/STEAM with an emphasis in selected discipline(s) and transcript designation. Potential concentration emphases include but are not limited to:

  • Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Technology / Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Art / Design
  • Math


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STEM at Sem

Timeline for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

  • Introductory meeting for new students will occur during the Fall Term. Check your email for updates or see Mr. Eidam, Dr. Nerozzi, Mr. Doherty, Ms. Ayers, Mr. Webber, or Mrs. Carrick for information.
  • Applications will be released in January 2022
  • New cohort will be selected by April 2022
  • Cohort meetings will begin in late April to plan individual course of study and expectations for summer 2022

Students enrolled in this concentration program will:

  • Submit an application for the program in the winter term of freshman year.  Other interested students may apply by meeting with a program director.
  • Cultivate a portfolio throughout their time in the program.  This will include the academic intersections, co-curricular pursuits including community service and club membership, as well as attendance and participation in cohort meetings three times each year in the program.
  • Design and complete a capstone project by the fall term of senior year.
  • Present capstone work and final portfolio to the Sem community in January of senior year.

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