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To qualify for a Wyoming Seminary diploma, students must accumulate a minimum of 18.333 credits in two categories: core requirements and concomitant requirements. 1.000 credit is usually equal to full-year attendance in a course. Trimester courses earn .333 credit.

Core requirements include 17.333 credits, distributed in the following manner:

  • English 4.00 credits
  • Mathematics 3.00 credits
  • Global Language* 3.00 credits of the same language
  • History-Social Science* 3.00 credits including Modern World History and U.S. History
  • Laboratory Science* 3.00 credits including Biology and another lab science
  • Arts 0.666 credit including one Studio course and one History/Theory course
  • Electives 0.666 credit *

Asterisks indicate that in one of these disciplines, students may reduce the stated requirement by one credit (but in no more than one of these disciplines).

Concomitant requirements include 1.000 credit, distributed as follows:

  • Health education .333 credit
  • Religion .333 credit
  • Public speaking .333 credit

Students are expected to spend the senior year on campus, following the school’s course of study. Diplomas are distributed at the graduation exercises, scheduled on the official school calendar. All senior and postgraduate students are expected to attend.


Preparing the academic schedule for postgraduate students is a highly personalized process. The Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Director of Scheduling and the Director of College Counseling consult with the student before proposing possible schedule options. Generally, postgraduate students should keep the following in mind when preparing a schedule.

• You must take at least five academic courses in the fall, winter and spring.

• Students should follow a balanced program; rather than “doubling up,” for example, in English or science, they should take courses in each of the various academic disciplines.

• Previous courses of study, standardized test scores, and SAT results are used by the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Director of Scheduling and the Director of College Counseling to determine recommendations for postgraduate courses.

• Elective courses are readily available if you have sufficient time and interest; postgraduates have found Public Speaking to be particularly valuable.

• Postgraduate students are required to take an English course during each trimester of their year at Sem. In the fall term they will be scheduled for English 224: Style and Structure, worth .333 credits.

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