Global Languages


About the Global Languages Program

Global Languages is one of Sem’s core graduation requirements. The Global Languages department offers classes ranging from introductory through advanced placement courses in four different languages — Chinese, French, Latin, and Spanish. Incoming students are placed in classes based on their proficiency in the language (including prior experience).

After four years of study, Sem students are generally eligible for advanced standing in college language classes, and some students who participate in AP-level classes at Sem receive college credit.

Why Study a Global Language?

Students who study 3-4 years of a language stand out to colleges, gaining a competitive edge in the admissions process. Our students develop marketable language skills that open up career pathways and increase employability. Language study also improves English-language speaking and writing skills via vocabulary development and grammar instruction. By exposing our students to different cultural perspectives, we build critical thinking skills and increase empathy. Multilingual instruction also exercises the brain, leading to improved cognitive function and higher test scores.