International Admission

Wyoming Seminary teaches our students to honor and strive for the true, the beautiful, and the good. We dare to teach students the truth that character matters; we emphasize the importance of friendships with others who look and think differently; we instill goodness. We stand for something, and we are proud of it.

“Sem” has a long history of welcoming students from around the world to study in its academically challenging environment. Students immerse themselves into the community and discover new passions by joining clubs, participating in the arts or becoming a member of an athletic team. These actions help students create relationships and experiences that will last a lifetime.

Wyoming Seminary is made up of 450 students, with 100 being International students. This diversity enables students to gain a greater understanding of the world they live in so they can become true global citizens. 

Take the next step for success by joining the Sem Community. 

How to Apply

Step One: Submit Inquiry

If you haven’t already done so, please submit an inquiry form.

Step Two: Submit Application

Two application options are available: Wyoming Seminary’s preferred online application or the SSAT Common application (SAO).

Option 1: Apply online

Option 2: Although Wyoming Seminary prefers that families fill out the Sem online application, we will honor the SSAT Standard Application Online (SAO) as an alternative.

Option 3: Vericant Screening for Residents of Mainland China

Wyoming Seminary has partnered with Vericant in order to better accommodate students from China requesting interviews. All students who reside in China are required to complete a preliminary interview with Vericant. If you reside in China, you will need to complete a preliminary interview with Vericant before we are able to schedule an interview with our admissions staff.

Step Three: Academic Records

The details below show what is required based on which grade you are applying to:

  • Applying to Grade 9: send transcripts for Grades 7 and 8
  • Repeating Grade 9 or entering Grade 10: send transcripts for Grades 8 and 9
  • Repeating Grade 10 or entering Grade 11: send transcripts for Grades 9 and 10
  • Repeating Grade 11 or entering Grade 12: send transcripts for Grades 10 and 11
  • Repeating Grade 12 or entering postgraduate year: send transcripts for Grades 11 and 12

Please send a copy of your transcripts by email or an original by mail to:

or mail to:

Wyoming Seminary
Admission Office
201 North Sprague Avenue
Kingston, PA 18704 USA

Step Four: Recommendation Forms

Wyoming Seminary requires the following recommendations:

1. Transcript release form
2. English recommendation
3. Math recommendation
4. General recommendation

Completed forms should be emailed to or mailed to:
Wyoming Seminary Office of Admission
201 North Sprague Avenue
Kingston, PA 18704 USA

Step Five: Visit & Interview

An admission interview is a required part of the admission process and we encourage you to visit while school is in session. If distance precludes a visit to campus, please let us know and we will arrange for a Skype interview.

Please view our tour schedule and then contact Sarah Stewart at to schedule your interview.

Students from mainland China please review more detailed information for your visit.

Step Six: Submit Test Scores

We require all students who are applying to Sem to complete the SSAT. If you have taken the PSAT or SAT then we will accept those scores instead. Score reports must be sent directly from SSAT using our school code 8344. We cannot accept score reports sent by consultants, schools or families. Wyoming Seminary does not accept the SLEP test.

Find an SSAT testing center >

Admission Timeline

Students may begin the application process for fall admission. For students from mainland China, a pre-interview with Vericant is required.

Check our international travel itinerary and make your appointment for an interview.

January 15
Chinese application deadline: applications received after this deadline will be considered if space is available. 

The Admissions Committee begins to review applications for fall.

March 1 
All decisions for mainland China will be sent out.

Mainland China has an application deadline of January 15. Other countries are welcome to continue to apply on a rolling basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to submit a completed application before I visit and interview at Wyoming Seminary?

We are happy to give a tour to anyone who inquiries about admission to Sem. If you are looking to interview during your visit, you will need to have submitted your application which consists of biographical information, parent statement, and student essays. Interviews can take place through Skype or in person. 

What are the testing requirements?

Wyoming Seminary requires all students to take the SSAT. All students must submit their SSAT scores through the website. There is no minimum score requirement. No exceptions are made. Please visit to find the closest testing center.

TOEFL is not required but recommended.

Applicants from Mainland China are required to complete a Vericant interview. 

Is there full year ESL available?

Yes. There is no fee for our students to take ESL.

What do students do when campus is closed?

Campus is closed three times during the year: Fall, Winter and Spring break. During this time, students will need to leave campus.

Can an international student apply as a day student?

No. International students are only eligible to apply as boarding students. Homestay programs are not available. 

What if I miss the deadline?

Due to the large number of applicants from Mainland China, there is an application deadline of January 15. Applications from other countries are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Living at Sem

Wyoming Seminary dorm

Family Style Dinners

Family style dinners are seated meals within the dorm community. Students are assigned to a different table every three weeks to form new friendships.

During the Fall and Winter terms, family style dinner will take place from 6:15 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Monday and Thursday. During the Spring term, family style dinners will only be held on Monday.

Study Hall

Mandatory Study hall is Sunday-Thursday from 8 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. Students are welcome to stay in their room, go to the library or study in other designated places. 

Check in/out

There are multiple food, gym and activity options located within walking distance of Wyoming Seminary. Students who will be walking off campus must sign out on a kiosk located within each dorm facility. If a student is leaving campus in a vehicle, permission must be approved prior to arrival by a parent. Students must sign out with a dorm parent before leaving and sign back in with a dorm parent when they return. 


Wyoming Seminary has three dorms: Swetland Hall (girls dorm), Darte Hall (younger boys dorm) and Carpenter Hall (older boys dorm). Rooms are spacious and most are shared by two students. At least two common areas can be found within each dorm facility. There will be multiple dorm parents located within each building, as well as student leaders on each floor.


International Travel Schedule

August 15-18: Tokyo, Japan
September 25-26: Beijing, China
September 27-28: Shanghai, China
September 30: Taiwan
October 2-3: Shenzhen
October 15: Accra, Ghana
October 17: Lagos, Nigeria
October 19: Nairobi, Kenya
October 20: Warsaw, Poland
October 22: Prague, Czech Republic
October 24: Bratislava, Slovakia
October 25: Vienna, Austria
October 26: Budapest, Hungary
October 26: Moscow, Russia
October 27: St. Petersburg, Russia
October 29: Almaty, Kazakhstan
November 1-3: Saudi Arabia
November 10-16: Germany
January 17-19: Finland


Step One: Online Application
If you haven’t already done so, please complete our online application.

Step Two: Vericant Screening for Residents of Mainland China
If you do not reside in mainland China, please continue to Step Three.

If you reside in China, you will need to complete a preliminary interview with Vericant before we are able to schedule an interview with our admissions staff. Once we receive your completed preliminary interview from Vericant, Sarah Stewart will contact you to schedule an interview with a member of our admissions team in Asia.

Wyoming Seminary has partnered with Vericant in order to better accommodate students from China requesting interviews. All students who reside in China are required to complete a preliminary interview with Vericant. Please note that Vericant does not evaluate candidates, they simply send all information to Wyoming Seminary for assessment.

Step Three: Request an Interview
Begin request form >


Regina Allen
Director of International Admission
smiling man Sarah Stewart
International Admission Associate