Sem Goes to Asia

Ms. Regina Allen, Director of International Admission, will be traveling to Asia this fall. The main focus is to meet students and families who wish to consider Wyoming Seminary for the full year and summer programs.

If you are interested in meeting with a Sem representative please view the itinerary and request an appointment. Please note that interviews will only be scheduled once the student has sent in a completed application. Students from Mainland China will also need to meet with Vericant before the scheduled interview date.

Please note that we are only accepting applications for students from Mainland China wishing to enter grade 9 for the 2018-19 academic year.

Schedule a Meeting

Step One: Online Application
If you haven’t already done so, please complete our online application.

Step Two: Vericant Screening for Residents of Mainland China
If you do not reside in mainland China please continue to Step Three.

If you reside in China you will need to complete a preliminary interview with Vericant before we are able to schedule an interview with our admissions staff. Once we receive your completed preliminary interview from Vericant, Meredith Shafer will contact you to schedule an interview with a member of our admissions team in Asia.

Wyoming Seminary has partnered with Vericant in order to better accommodate students from China requesting interviews. All students who reside in China are required to complete a preliminary interview with Vericant. Please note that Vericant does not evaluate candidates, they simply send all information to Wyoming Seminary for assessment.

Step Three: Request an Interview
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Events & Locations

14-15 Campinas, Brazil
16 Sao Paulo, Brazil
18 Lima, Peru

9-12 Gothenburg, Sweden
13-15 Stockholm, Sweden
13-14 Shanghai, China
15-17 Beijing, China
18-19 Taipei, Taiwan
20-21 Hong Kong
20 Prague, Czech Republic
22 Bratislava, Slovakia
25 Budapest, Hungary
27 Warsaw, Poland

5-11 Germany
14 Montego Bay, Jamaica
16 Kingston, Jamaica
18 Grand Cayman
20 Nassau, Bahamas