Tuition & Financial Aid

For questions regarding Wyoming Seminary’s tuition or financial aid, please contact Joe Rovelli, Director of Financial Aid at 570-270-2157 or We also invite you to learn more from SSS about affording independent school tuition.

Lower School Tuition

2020-21 Lower School Tuition Rates

Grade Tuition Fee Total
K $14,650 $250 $14,900
1-4 $17,025 $625 $17,650
5-7 $20,250 $650 $20,900
8 $20,375 $925 $21,300

Pre-Kindergarten: 5 Mornings $9,600 (mandatory)
Preschool: 3 Mornings $6,500, 4 Mornings $7,250, 5 Mornings $7,850
Toddler: 3 Mornings $6,950, 4 Mornings $8,100, 5 Mornings $8,450
($500 additional per afternoon for Toddlers, Preschool and PreK)

Application Fees

Toddler-Grade 5: $55
Grades 6-8: $80

Cafeteria Service (optional)

Full Lunch (Grades 1-4): $400
Full Lunch (Grades 5-8): $575
Milk Only (Grades 1-8): $125

Upon enrollment a deposit is required. This amount will be credited to the student’s tuition fee. A deposit of $700 is due upon enrollment for Toddler through Grade 4. A deposit of $1,500 is due upon enrollment for Grades 5-8. The remaining balance is due prior to August 1, 2020. Families may also enroll in a 10-month payment plan through FACTS Tuition Management. Please note that the academic fee includes book, technology, and field trip fees. All payments are due on their scheduled payment dates. School documentation (report cards, transcripts, diploma, etc.) will not be issued until all tuition fees have been paid in full.

Upper School Tuition

2020-21 Upper School Tuition Rates

Day Students $27,600 (includes $1,450 fee)

Boarding Students $58,100 (Tuition, room and board fees; includes $725 fee)

Other Fees

Application fee, U.S. applicants: $75
Application fee, international applicants: $100
Books*: $500
Medical Insurance (international students only)**: $1,300

A deposit of $1,500 is due upon enrollment. The remaining balance is due prior to August 1, 2020. Families may also enroll in a 10-month payment plan through FACTS Tuition Management. All payments are due on their scheduled payment dates. School documentation (report cards, transcripts, diploma, etc.) will not be issued until all tuition fees have been paid in full.

Transportation fees may be applied for students requiring travel to/from airport.

*Book fees are estimated. Books are ordered through Sem’s virtual bookstore partner, MBS Direct. Each student's course selection will determine actual costs.

**Wyoming Seminary requires all non-U.S. residents to subscribe to a U.S.-based, private health insurance plan. No national health insurance or private health insurance based outside the United States will qualify. Wyoming Seminary automatically enrolls international students upon arrival, pays the premium on the student’s behalf and charges the student’s account this medical insurance fee. Wyoming Seminary reserves the right to increase fees to cover premium costs as necessary.

Investing in a Sem Education

The Board of Trustees of Wyoming Seminary endeavors to keep tuition affordable for the greatest number of families. Through annual endowment and gift income, Wyoming Seminary underwrites approximately 30% of the cost of educating each of its approximately 800 students. In this way, every student benefits from these significant tuition reductions.

In addition, substantial Wyoming Seminary resources are committed to financial aid for those families who require additional tuition reduction. Families from a broad spectrum of socio-economic circumstances are able to consider quality education with financial assistance. To qualify, students must give evidence of proven or potential contributions to the school community along with strong academic performance, and their parents must demonstrate the need for tuition reduction through the Wyoming Seminary financial aid process.

In the 2019-20 school year, 37% of the student body received some degree of need-based aid. This past year, the average award for day students was $7,996 and $22,357 for boarding students.

Why Apply for Aid?

Wyoming Seminary awarded over $5.1 million in need-based financial aid in 2019-20. Last year, hundreds of families worked with us to make their children’s dreams come true. The income range of families receiving financial aid extends from those with little taxable income to families in the top tax bracket. We look at each family individually in order to determine eligibility for tuition assistance.

Using financial aid to help with the cost of Wyoming Seminary allows families to access the full support of Sem’s College Guidance Office, which can be very helpful in the pursuit of college merit and need-based scholarships.

Wyoming Seminary awards financial aid to students without regard to race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Applying for Financial Aid at Wyoming Seminary involves two steps.

Step One

Complete the online Parents Financial Statement (PFS) with School and Student Services (SSS) for the 2020-21 academic year.

• If you are applying for more than one child, only one PFS is required.

• You may work on your PFS in several sessions. Just save and return to your PFS at anytime before submitting.

• Wyoming Seminary’s SSS code is 8344.

Step Two

Upload all required documents below to the SSS website. Everything is submitted through SSS. No paperwork or electronic documents should be sent directly to Sem. SSS provides strong customer service. If you have any questions while completing the PFS, you can reach them at 1-800-344-8328.

• 2018 Federal Income Tax Return 1040 and accompanying schedules (upload immediately).

• 2018 W-2 forms from all employment reflected on the 1040 (upload immediately).

• 2019 Federal Income Tax Return 1040 and accompanying schedules. (upload as soon as completed but no later than April 15).

• 2019 W-2 forms from all employment reflected on the 1040 (upload as soon as completed but no later than April 15). If you are unable to upload the documents, please mail them to the following address:

School and Student Services 
P.O. Box 449
Randolph, MA 02368


• Funding is limited, so please complete Steps One and Two as soon as possible.

• Only when you have completed Steps One and Two is your application for financial aid complete and ready for review.

• All 2020-21 academic year awards (new and returning students) are contingent upon 2019 taxes submitted to SSS by April 15, 2020.

• Families must apply for financial aid each year.

• Late or incomplete applications may result in the loss or reduction of a financial aid award. It is the family’s responsibility to be sure all documents are received in a timely manner.

Payment Plans

There are two types of payment plans to choose from. Please review the options below and decide which plan works best for your family. Once you have chosen a payment plan, please review our "How to Pay" section below.

Option One - Pay full amount

Total tuition and fees due by August 1, 2020. Payment may be made by check, bank wire transfer, or online.

Option Two - 10-month payment plan

Total tuition and fees paid over 10 months, starting August 2020.

How to Pay

Full Year Tuition

Please see below information regarding online tuition payment, the FACTS 10 month payment plan and bank wire transfers. Additional information is provided for education loans.

Fees for books and other charges are payable as billed. All financial obligations must be satisfied before the student may begin classes or take term examinations. School documentation (report cards, transcripts, etc.) will not be released until all tuition and fees have been paid in full. Wyoming Seminary financial aid grants will be subtracted from tuition, room and board fees.



Tuition Payment Options

Option One

Option One - Diamond Mind

Diamond Mind offers a secure, online payment system for enrollment deposits and tuition & fees. You may choose to make payments via credit card (MasterCard, American Express, Visa or Discover) or electronic checks (ACH). Visit their ePayment Portal to begin.

Option Two

Option Two - FACTS

FACTS is not a loan program, so no debt is incurred and no credit check is conducted. The monthly payment plan runs for 10 months, beginning in August. Please note that the enrollment deposit cannot be included in the 10-month total amount.

FACTS accepts either Automatic Bank Payments or credit card payments. Please read through the two choices below and determine which is best for you.

Choice A: Automatic Bank Payment (ACH)
ACH are payments you have authorized FACTS to process directly through your financial institution. It is simply a bank-to-bank transfer of funds that you have pre-approved from either your checking or savings account on the 5th or 20th of each month.

Choice B: Credit Card Payment
If you elect to use this choice, your monthly payment will be automatically charged on the 5th or 20th each month to your credit card. Paying with your credit card allows you to take advantage of various bonus programs offered by your credit card company.

You will be charged a 2.85% convenience fee for each credit card transaction. When using your credit card (MasterCard, American Express, Visa or Discover) on a 10-month payment plan, the 2.85% convenience fee will be distributed over each month.

Important Notes for both choices
• July 23, 2020 is the last date to enroll for the August 5th payment.

• August 6, 2020 is the last date to enroll for the August 20th payment.

• For families enrolling in a monthly payment plan after the August date options, enrollments will be accepted in September and so on. Please contact Amy Keiper ( in the Business Office at 570-270-2131 for more information on the cut-off dates. The automatic bank payment plan option is processed online through the secure Wyoming Seminary website by clicking on the logo below:

• To protect your privacy, you will be asked to create your own unique FACTS Access Code, which should be something you can easily remember. Please be sure to have the following information to make your application process a simple one:

I.) The name, street address, and e-mail address of the person responsible for making the payments.

II.) Account information for the person responsible for payment: bank name, telephone number, account number, and the bank routing number. Most of this information is located on your check. Wyoming Seminary Business Office calculates the total tuition/fees owed and submits this amount to FACTS to complete your tuition payment agreement. FACTS will notify you of the monthly payment amount to be deducted from your account.

Option Three

Option Three - Bank Wire Transfers

International and domestic bank wire transfers may be made. For more information, please contact the Business Office at 570-270-2131.

Option Four

Option Four - Your Tuition Solution

Your Tuition Solution offers education loans. There are no application or pre-payment fees. Rates range from 3.99% to 24.99%. Terms available based on amount financed and credit history. Please visit for current rate information.

Financial Aid FAQs

When will we be notified of our financial aid award?

Our Financial Aid Committee strives to review applications for students within two weeks upon the day they’re accepted by admissions.

If I miss the deadline for the financial aid application, can I still apply?
Yes, funding is limited and applications completed after the deadline go into a rolling financial aid process, which is first-come, first-served.

If I am applying for financial aid for more than one child, must I submit two applications?
No. You are only required to complete one PFS per family.

What should I do if I am divorced and am no longer in contact with my child’s mother/father or they refuse to comply?
We strive for a complete understanding of custodial and non-custodial parents’ ability to contribute to the applicant’s education expenses, but each applicant for financial aid is dealt with on an individual basis. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 570-270-2157.

Will I receive the same amount of financial aid each year?
Returning students are required to apply for financial aid each year. In determining awards, Wyoming Seminary evaluates the student’s financial needs in combination with his/her contribution to campus life.

Can I mail the PFS and my tax returns?
Preferably not. Please scan and upload in the SSS electronic system. If for some reason this is impossible, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 570-270-2157.

Can I meet face to face to discuss my financial case?
Yes. We encourage you to set up a meeting with a member of our staff to answer any questions you have about financial aid.

Can I appeal my financial aid award?
Yes. You must send us a written appeal explaining why you believe your award is not sufficient. For details, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 570-270-2157.