At Wyoming Seminary, we believe that you are more than a test score. We believe that you are a product of your background, of your experiences and your abilities. We believe we can empower our students to view themselves as dynamic learners. We believe our students view their Sem education as a transformative experience that will allow them to explore their passions and immerse themselves in a community that values and supports their growth. We believe that you should write the next chapter of your story at Sem. Start your quest today.

Sem scholarships are available for students new to Sem who are entering grades 5-11 in 2021-2022, and are offered to both day and boarding students.

Embark on the next chapter in your story and apply for the 2021-2022 school year and scholarship opportunities today:

1. Register for Sem Scholarship Quest

Complete registration to start your Scholarship Quest journey. Please be sure to fill out both pages of the registration form.

2. Submit your APPLICATION

Fill out an online application for Wyoming Seminary.

3. Share Your Academic Achievement 

Submit a transcript or recent report cards by emailing for students applying for grades 9-11 and for students applying for grades 5-8.

4. Tell Us Your Story

At Sem, we want to know what you are all about. This is your opportunity to tell us your story. Your story can be funny. It can be serious. It can be inspiring. It can be a combination of all of those things. The most important part is that your story has to be – YOU. 


Call Admissions to schedule a virtual interview. Contact the Lower School admission office by calling (570) 718-6610 or by e-mailing Contact the Upper School admission office by calling (570) 270-2160 or by e-mailing

Be sure to complete all five steps by Tuesday, December 8 to continue on your Sem Scholarship Quest!


Sem Blue Knight