Thankful for Sem in 2021

While this past year has presented many unexpected hurdles and obstacles for everyone, I am reminded as we head into the new year to reflect on all that I have to be thankful for. This fall I had the opportunity to rejoin the Sem community as a staff member at the Lower School. Stepping back into the school I graduated from over a decade ago brought back so many memories and a familiar sense of welcoming and belonging. I am so thankful to all the administrators, teachers, and staff who welcomed me so warmly and showed me the ropes in my new role. I’m thankful to all the students who make coming to work every day a fun and happy experience. And I’m thankful to the school itself, for having provided me with a foundation of learning and exploration that pushed me to pursue my dreams and for cultivating a community that continues to stand strong in uncertain times. I am thankful for Wyoming Seminary and wanted to hear from students if they are too - here are some of the things students are thankful for at school this year!

- Emily Rogers, Health Office Assistant, Class of 2010


“This year I am very grateful that I have the ability to attend school in person. Considering the circumstances and the dangers surrounding COVID-19, I am thankful to have had the choice of in school vs. virtual.  My family and I made the decision to send me in person and I am so happy to have had the choice; I knew it was the right choice for me.  I am able to interact face-to-face with my friends and teachers. For me, being in school is less distracting and although a bit different, it is very similar to traditional learning. I am grateful that Sem and the many wonderful teachers and school officials have been risking their health to teach students in person. Sem has been doing a superb job with keeping the faculty and students safe during this time. 

Wyoming Seminary takes students' physical and mental health very seriously. The reason Wyoming Seminary is so successful during this time is because of the reinforcement of Coronavirus regulations and rules. Teachers are working very hard; keeping us safe, working in school, and teaching online during the day. Even though it is a different way of learning, the teachers and students are doing a splendid job. Even under the strange circumstances, many students got a warm welcome this year. Sem takes many precautions daily to keep us safe.  I always feel safe at Sem. It is heartwarming to see all of the students interacting and having a good time in our Wyoming Seminary community. Even though you can't see their expression,  you know that under their masks the students are smiling.” 

- Apollonia, 6th grade


This year I am so grateful that we have an in-person school option. In current times, many schools have gone fully online due to COVID-19 cases. At Sem, we have almost no cases and are being very cautious of the virus while still obtaining a normal school year. While the current times feel very difficult, getting to see my friends every day has added so much light into my year. Having the interaction online school lacked has made it easier to contact teachers, ask for help, and added more fun into the otherwise unpleasant situation surrounding the pandemic. Getting to talk to my friends without having to charge my phone has made us all closer. The pandemic has brought us together while being six feet apart. The sports seasons have also meant a lot to me because many of us haven’t been able to participate in our normal extracurricular activities, but we have had the opportunity to play for our school and go back to some normalcy. Going to the Lower School I have the opportunity to play the sports I love and see my friends. Being social and active in a global pandemic is challenging to manage, but it is what I am most grateful for this year.

- Izzy, 7th grade


This school year, I’m especially thankful for my friends. When everything shut down in March 2020, I realized how much my friends mean to me. Since school was online, I couldn’t be with them like I normally could. This left me feeling empty inside, almost like there was something missing. That’s because there was. I took being able to be with my friends for granted before March, and now I know I can never do that again. I got through the summer clinging to the idea I’ll be able to see all my friends again in the fall, and, thankfully, I was able to do that. I was overwhelmed with joy my first day back because I got to see all the people that I couldn’t see for so long. The feeling was even better because I got to meet a bunch of new friends, too. Now most of us are closer than we’ve ever been before, even while remaining socially distant. We talk even more than we did last year. It’s an incredible feeling to have that piece of me back that was gone for half of a year. That’s why I’m incredibly thankful for my friends, especially this year.  

- Jayce, 8th grade