What does adventure mean to you?

Jacob N., Grade 8

At its core, the concept of adventure is an experience that is different. We see this in many common examples of adventure being something different; in the hero’s journey, for instance. The hero experiences something that is unusual or strange to them, and it motivates their adventure. That’s what I imagine my adventure to be. To me, adventure can be small or big, as long as it’s something unusual or different. This idea of adventure allows me to think of many adventures that I could have in my life. I could try food from another country, or go to an amusement park. I might even go to Mars at some point! Okay, probably not. But that doesn’t matter. As long as we do something different and have fun with it, it’s our own adventure. For me, my idea of adventure is finding answers to questions. I like to ponder about science and the universe and whatnot. But as long as I can get many new experiences in life, my own little adventures, I’ll be happy. We can’t all have adventures like the heroes in the stories; we can’t all be Harry Potter. But we can all have adventures. 


John R., Grade 7

When most people think of adventure they might think about some grand trip around the world or going to a never-seen-before place. Those trips can be exciting but when I think about adventure, I think about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. One adventure that I would like to journey on in my life is to learn a new language. Through Sem’s education, I am learning Spanish and Latin, but I would also like to learn German. It has always interested me because my father took German for five years. He is very fond of the language so I want to follow in his footsteps. I hope my father can join me and we could learn more together. 

In a way, 2020 has been an adventure for all of us. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses have been forced to adapt.  Whether it is a business creating an online website or a school using Zoom, these were necessary adventures. During this time in which many things are still unknown, it is good to be able to try new things. Adventure can come in many forms, whether big or small it is your own adventure. 


Kathryn E., Grade 6

Hand and foot warmers, weddings, and hotel elevators.  What do these have in common? Nothing that meets the eye, right?  Unless you know me.  Okay, this all starts at my cousin’s wedding.  The wedding was in a colder area, so we brought hand and toe warmers. We did this because it is not fun sitting in the cold without snow gear.  I was younger and had not been to a wedding before, so this was my first one. I didn’t know that the wedding had started, but I still got up and gave my aunt hand warmers.  This concludes part one of wedding adventures, we will return to the program after this ad.  

And we’re back! The hotel we stayed at for my cousin’s wedding was a good hotel other than the elevator.  There was a pool in the hotel and I wanted to go swimming, however I wasn’t allowed to go alone.  So, as my mom and I were on our way to the pool, the elevator stopped and we were stuck in the elevator!  OK, so now the hotel had to call the fire department to help get us out!  At the end, we got out and that concludes my adventure at my very first wedding.