Every gift has a story. What's yours?
If Sem has changed your life for the better, you have a unique opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ and give another student the opportunity to create their own Sem Story! Please consider sharing your story with us, and making a gift to the 2017-18 Sem Fund.

“Find it in your heart to give something back to Sem…remember what you liked about it. Your gift will allow others to experience it as well.”

-Leslie Turrell Bullock ‘63

“It’s worthwhile to consider giving back; to pay it forward so someone else has the ability to have the same experience that we did.”

- T.J. Bradshaw ‘01

“I give what I can. I’m reinvesting in the Sem community and in our kids in order to provide the same foundation I had, and perhaps make it better. I hope others do too.”

-Tara Mugford Wilson ‘88

“We’ve always felt indebted to the administrators and teachers who’ve made a healthy and safe place for our boys. How could you not give to a place like that?”

-Jeff Doggett

“The whole experience that we had, and what happened with our family—I would like to see that happen with other families. It absolutely changes lives.”

-David Hourigan ‘71