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Lower School Arts

The Wyoming Seminary Lower School Arts Program is designed to lay a foundation for a lifelong appreciation of the arts while nurturing a student’s creativity and self-expression. Students are introduced to the arts as young as preschool and the curriculum and opportunities available broaden through the primary and Middle School years.

Sem’s Lower School Arts Program provides classes in visual arts, dance, and music and extracurricular opportunities in drama and music. Art exhibitions and musical and drama performances celebrate our students’ talents and encourage them to take pride in their artistic achievements.

Sem students are also exposed to the arts beyond the Lower School classrooms and stages. Age-appropriate field trips to exhibits and museums allow for students to learn more about famous artists and their artistic work.

An introduction to basic acting, storytelling and skits allows for students to follow an interest in drama and they are invited to participate in the yearly production by the Lower School Players. Instrumental and vocal interests are fostered through the Lower School Band and Select Chorus, while students with an interest in dance can further their learning and experience with the Upper School Sem Dance Company.

Arts Events 

For current upcoming events, click the link below or visit the Arts Events page for more detail. 

Arts Events