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Upper School Arts

At Wyoming Seminary, we believe the Arts play a major role in the overall development of a student’s education. With a range of disciplines, students can explore different areas of interest or they can narrow their focus to the concentration they enjoy most.

The Upper School Arts curriculum offers something for everyone. Students often discover a new passion or interest in the arts through their course studies at Sem. The arts faculty fosters an environment of encouragement and enthusiasm as students hone their craft and creativity in their respective courses. 

Sem understands the value of the arts as an integral and essential part of lifelong learning.

Countless Sem graduates who have had a concentration in the Arts have gone on to college and universities around the world to continue their pursuit of a career in the arts. From dancers and actors to singers and musicians, Sem graduates have made their name in television, Broadway, and world-renowned symphony orchestras and dance productions.

Throughout the year, Sem integrates arts with other subjects and other areas of interest. Students of all abilities are invited and encouraged to try a new skill and audition for a play musical or vocal ensemble. Faculty and directors work closely with students to help them discover their creative potential and abilities.

Arts Events 

For current upcoming events, click the link below or visit the Arts Events page for more detail. 

Arts Events