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Visual Arts

From building a foundation of basic art concepts to helping students develop a portfolio of their work, the Visual Arts program at Sem fosters a space where students can work independently or engage in collaborative projects.

An enthusiastic passion for teaching art, fortified by the desire to reach and connect with each student, fuels the artistic and creative goals on campus. And although each artist's hand is different, students and teachers work together — participating across campus activities and service projects, including building and installing 3-dimensional murals and curating multiple art shows throughout the year in the KCCA.

Whether a student is taking art classes for leisure pursuit or as a career path, the faculty encourages and celebrates each individual student's creative efforts.

Sem visual art students are not only accepted into great schools, but they excel when they are there. As AP Art classes prepare students with college-level work, students are ready for that next step. Multiple college representatives from across the country visit Sem throughout the year to meet students as prospective candidates for their programs.

The Visual Art rooms at Sem are filled with students from every discipline. The teachers help each student thrive along their individualistic paths, allowing them to create art that harbors their unique strengths and talents. Sem’s visual arts authenticity and creativity lift us up together as a community. Understanding what visual arts can do and where it can take you allows every student to thrive in any direction they may go. The arts can help students excel and stand out along their career paths, whatever that may be.

Violet Xu, AP Art
Louis Zhou, AP Art
Hannah Salesky, AP Art
Violet Xu, AP Art
Biome project
Violet Xu, AP Art
Jophie Li, Drawing & Design
Alexis Yu, Drawing & Design