Visual Arts

Our students have attended some of the most competitive art programs in the nation at both art schools and four-year colleges and universities. The Visual Arts program at Wyoming Seminary is designed to serve various levels of abilities from beginners to the serious student who will study art in college. Our Drawing and Design course gives the student an introduction to the elements of art and design and prepares them for advanced courses of study in the arts. Courses in Advanced Drawing, Figure Drawing, two and three Dimensional Design, Painting, Printmaking, and two courses in Ceramics comprise the next level of study within the department. AP Studio is the highest level of study in the department.

At the Lower School, primary teachers teach visual art projects including everything from apples to Zimbabwe and everything in between. The renowned second-grade art curriculum is a yearlong exploration of the Impressionists. This unit enriches math, social studies, English, reading, spelling and science lessons as the children immerse themselves in the era and the artists. A concluding gala creates the atmosphere of an art gallery opening. Middle School artists explore various media and contribute their paintings, sculptures, weavings and drawings to the annual all-school art show in May.

Kids make pottery

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