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Strength & Conditioning

Wyoming Seminary strongly believes that a purposeful strength and conditioning program not only improves on-field performance, but also acts as a protective shield to help reduce the chance of injury.

A training program for Sem student-athletes includes the following:

  • Flexibility/mobility — Optimizing movement through all planes of motion
  • Speed development — Acceleration, deceleration, change of direction
  • Power development/explosiveness — Olympic lifting, plyometrics, medicine ball throws, jumping/hopping/landing techniques
  • Strength — Knee-dominant, hip-dominant, upper body push/pull, trunk/core training
  • Energy system development — Sport-specific conditioning

It is our mission to develop safe, effective and appropriately challenging training programs specific to each student-athlete. Proper training benefits performance and longevity for people and bodies of all ages, which is why we encourage all students and faculty members to use our facilities inside the Pettebone-Dickson Student Center.

Sem's Strength and Conditioning department has grown significantly in recent years with the renovation of our weight room and purchase of new equipment, as well as the hiring of Dave Shultz in 2022 as the school's first strength and conditioning coach. A graduate of Morrisville State College, Shultz studied human performance and health promotion in college and later earned certification as a Certified Functional Strength Coach — Levels 1 and 2 — via Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. Shultz is a former professional ice hockey player and has been on the Sem hockey coaching staff since 2017.


Dave Shultz