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Field Hockey - Varsity



The Wyoming Seminary girls field hockey program is steeped in tradition. Field hockey has been part of the Wyoming Seminary athletic program since the early 1920s. In fact, Sem was a pioneer, introducing field hockey to the greater Scranton and Wilkes-Barre areas. Wyoming Seminary is proud of the tradition created by past teams and has tried to uphold the high standards set by past alumnae. For more information contact Coach Karen Klassner at


• 17 undefeated seasons
• 6-time district champions (joined PIAA in 1986)
• 9 appearances in state championship games
• 6 AA state championships
• 11 appearances in state semifinals
• 28 appearances in district playoffs
• 2001 state champion and district champion
• 2002 division champions, district champions, state semifinals
• 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 district playoffs
• 2004 district finals and state championship finalist
• 2005 division and district champions, reached state semifinals
• 2006 division champions, district champions, and AA state champions
• 2008 undefeated division champions, district champions, & AA state champions
• 2009 undefeated division champions
• 2010 undefeated division champions and AA state champions
• 2011 district champions and AA state champions
• 2013 AA state champions

• 2017 A Runner-up


• 13 First Team All-Americans
• 3 Second Team All-American
• 64 First Team All-State
• 33 Second Team All-State
• 13 Player of the Year awards (local newspapers)




• 2 players on the women’s USA National Team
• 2 players on the women's USA Developmental Squad
• 2 players on U21 women's national team
• 1 player on men's U18/U21 national team


A loyal fan of Wyoming Seminary field hockey stated with great certainty that there are only two seasons: Field Hockey and the Void. Wyoming Seminary introduced field hockey to Northeastern Pennsylvania in 1919, and we continue to compete in a league that is as competitive as any in the nation. Our athletes have received an outstanding education at Wyoming Seminary and many have gone on to successful college field hockey careers. The Wyoming Seminary field hockey program enjoys being involved with the following organizations:

United States Field Hockey Association
National Field Hockey Coaches Association
Field Hockey Canada - Hockey sur gazon Canada
International Field Hockey










Name Class
Grace Aiello 2021
Ella Barbacci 2023
Margaret (Maggie) Barilla 2022
Joelle Bartlett 2023
Viktoria Bastian 2022
Emma Bean 2020
Ava Bufalino 2021
Reese Butcher 2020
Shawna Casey 2021
Julia Christian 2020
Megan Cotrone 2023
Bari Lefkowitz 2020
Mia Magnotta 2021
Hannah Maxwell 2020
Quinn Medico 2021
Anna Mozeleski 2022
Maddie Olshemski 2023
Grace Parsons 2021
Danielle (Dani) Reiser 2020
Abigail (Abby) Santo 2021
Kelly Santo 2023
Dorothea Schorling 2022
Sophia Stash 2023
Chase Taylor 2023
Emma Watchilla 2023
Alexandria (Alex) Wesneski 2020
Emily Williams 2022


Karen Klassner - Head Coach

Since 1972, Karen Klassner has been synonymous with field hockey at Wyoming Seminary. Her teams have won six state championships, six district championships, ten league championships, made twenty-eight district playoff appearances (Seminary was not a member of the PIAA until 1985), fourteen state tourney appearances (nine state finals, eleven semifinals, and seven quarterfinal appearances). Sem has won the Moravian Tournament eight times. In 1987, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2017 under Karen Klassner's leadership, the Wyoming Seminary "Blue Knights" made it to the state championship game. Karen's overall field hockey coaching record is an enviable 660-171-46. During Karen's career her peers have voted her "Coach of the Year" seven times. In addition to her many accomplishments on the field, Karen served as the National Chair for the NFHCA high school All-American selection committee from 1998-2002, president of the PA field hockey state coaches association from 1998-2009, chaired the PA all-state selection committee from 1995-2009, is on the coaches advisory council for the PIAA, and was state director for field hockey in the Keystone State Games from 1987-1998. In 2006, Karen was named the Developmental Coach of the Year by the USFHA. In January, 2009 Karen was inducted into the NFHCA Hall of Fame. In May 2009, Karen was named national coach of the year in field hockey by the NHSCA. Karen is currently serving as a consultant for the Keystone State Games. In addition to coaching field hockey at Wyoming Seminary, Karen has also coached swimming, basketball, and softball.

For more information about the field hockey program at Wyoming Seminary, contact Coach Klassner at

Kim Barbacci - Assistant Coach

On the school and collegiate level, Kim has been an outstanding coach of field hockey, basketball, and softball. For ten years, Kim coached field hockey at Misericordia where her teams won over 100 games and her peers voted her "Coach of the Year" five times. In 1998, Kim joined the coaching staff at Wyoming Seminary where she assists Karen Klassner in field hockey. Kim is well known for her guidance of the Seminary teams and her local summer camps in field hockey.


Opponent Date Time Advantage Result Score
Play Day @ Palmyra
Abington Heights High School
Away Win 5-2
Dallas School District
Home Win 5-0
(Exhibition), Maine-Endwell High School
All Day
Away Win 3-2
Away Win 4-0
Pittston Area High School
Home Win 7-0
Wyoming Valley West
Away Win 1-0
Wilkes-Barre Area High School
Away Win 3-2
(Exhibition), Mount Saint Joseph Academy
Home Win 2-1
Delaware Valley
Home Win 9-0
Holy Redeemer High School
Away Win 4-0
Home Win 6-2
Crestwood High School
Away Win 6-0
Wallenpaupack Area
Home Win 7-0
(Exhibition), Eastern Regional High School (NJ)
Away Loss 4-7
(Exhibition at Eastern Regional), Sacred Heart Academy
Away Loss 1-2
Hazleton Area HS
Home Win 5-1
Lake Lehman Jr/Sr High School
Away Win 4-1
Wyoming Area High School
Home Win 3-1
District 2 first round, Berwick Area High School
All Day
Win 13-0
District 2 Semifinals, Lackawanna Trail Jr/Sr High School
All Day
Home Win 7-0
District 2 Championship, Wyoming Area High School
All Day
Away Win 2-0

Honors and Awards


2014 All State
• Second Team: Issy DelPriore
• Honorable Mention: Alexis Quick and Rebecca Weinstock

2013 All State
• First Team: Mallory Lefkowitz and Morgan Malone
• Second Team: Mackenzie Gagliardi
• Honorable Mention: Alexis Quick

2012 All State
• First Team: Morgan Malone
• Second Team: Hannah Dressler, Devin Holmes, Mallory Lefkowitz, and Kristen Mericle

2011 All State
• First Team: Ann Romanowski, AshLeigh Sebia, and Kristian Stefanides
• Second Team: Kristen Mericle

2010 All State
• First Team: AshLeigh Sebia and Jessica Swoboda
• Second Team: Lauren Skudalski and Kristian Stefanides
• Honorable Mention: Ann Romanowski

2009 All State
• First Team: Madeleine Hackett, AshLeigh Sebia, and Sierra Segear
• Second Team: Sunny Stirewalt and Jessica Swoboda

2008 All State
• First Team: Katrina Domiano, Devon Gagliardi, Madeleine Hackett, Kelsey Kolojejchick, Sierra Segear, Sunny Stirewalt
• Second Team: Jessica Swoboda

2007 All State
• First Team: Devon Gagliardi, Najia Hasan, Kelsey Kolojejchick, Kat Sharkey
• Second Team: Katrina Domiano, Madeleine Hackett
• Honorable Mention: Sunny Stirewalt

2006 All State
• First Team: Devon Gagliardi, Najia Hasan, Kelsey Kolojejchick, Erin McGinley, Kat Sharkey, Kendra Sirak, Abby Sordoni
• Second Team: Elizabeth Blaum, Kate Snyder

2005 All State
• First Team: Laura Eckman, Kelsey Kolojejchick, Erin McGinley, and Kat Sharkey
• Second Team: Devon Gagliardi, Kelsey Lloyd, Tara Puffenberger, Kendra Sirak, and Kate Snyder

2004 All State
• First Team: Laura Eckman, Erin McGinley, Tam Morris, Laura Suchoski
• Second Team: Kendra Sirak and Abby Sordoni

2003 All State
• First Team: Caroline Blaum, Tamra Morris, Laura Suchoski

2002 All State
• First Team: Caroline Blaum, Melissa Doyle, Lindsay Foltz, Sam Lloyd, Laura Suchoski
• Second Team: Tam Morris
• Honorable Mention: Lindsay Conrad

2001 All State
• First Team: Lauren Powley, Samantha LLoyd, Andrea Paciotti, Anne Marie Janus, Laura Suchoski
• Second Team: Marissa Doyle, Lindsay Foltz

2000 All State
• First Team: Lauren Powley, Samantha Lloyd
• Second Team: Megan Vanderburg
• Honorable Mention: Stephanie Beres, Christine Dempsey

1999 All State
• First Team: Molly Conway, Lauren Powley
• Second Team: Alana Anzalone, Ashley Feldman

1998 All State
• First Team: Chrissy Ashley, Annie Zinkavich
• Second Team: Gwen Langdon
• Honorable Mention: Alana Anzalone, Julia Chiampi

1997 All State
• First Team: Chrissy Ashley, Annie Zinkavich
• Second Team: Gwen Langdon

1996 All State
• First Team: Chrissy Ashley, Karen Bradley, Megan Conway, Jessica Yarmey
• Second Team: Rebecca Hofherr

1995 All State
• First Team: Johanna Ashley
• Second Team: Megan Dimond
• Honorable Mention: Chrissy Ashley


USA National Team Players
• Chrissy Ashley: U16 Select 1996
• Chrissy Ashley: U18/1997, 1998
• Chrissy Ashley: U20/1999
• Caroline Blaum: U21/2005
• Lauren Powley: U18 2000; U21/ 2002, 2003, 2004; US Team/2005,2006,2007
• Anne Marie Janus:U16/2001
• Laura Suchoski: 2001/U16, 2002/U19, U21/2003,2004,2005,2006,2007; 2006/US Squad
• Kelsey Kolojejchick, Tara Puffenberger, Kelsey Lloyd, Kat Sharkey: ODS/2005
• Kelsey Kolojejchick and Kat Sharkey: ODS/2006
• Kat Sharkey EPTC PA/NJ Team - National Champions; 2011 US National Team
• Kelsey Kolojejchick - U21/2007, 2008
• JaJa Kentwell - U18 and U21 Men's Team/2008,2009
• AshLeigh Sebia - 2011 National Indoor Team
• Kelsey Kolojejchick and Kat Sharkey - 2012 National Team


First Team All-American
• 1997 Chrissy Ashley
• 1998 Chrissy Ashley
• 2001 Lauren Powley
• 2002 Laura Suchoski
• 2003 Laura Suchoski
• 2004 Laura Suchoski
• 2006 Devon Gagliardi, Kelsey Kolojejchick, and Kat Sharkey
• 2007 Devon Gagliardi, Kelsey Kolojejchick, and Kat Sharkey
• 2008 Devon Gagliardi and Kelsey Kolojejchick
• 2011 AshLeigh Sebia
• 2013 Mallory Lefkowitz

Second Team All-American
• 2000 Lauren Powley
• 2003 Caroline Blaum
• 2010 AshLeigh Sebia
• 2013 Morgan Malone

Regional All American Players
• 1997 Regional All Americans: Chrissy Ashley
• 1998 Regional All Americans: Chrissy Ashley
• 2000 Regional All Americans: Lauren Powley
• 2001 Regional All Americans: Lauren Powley
• 2002 Regional All Americans: Laura Suchoski
• 2003 Regional All Americans: Caroline Blaum and Laura Suchoski
• 2004 Regional All American: Laura Suchoski
• 2006 Regional All Americans: Devon Gagliardi, Kelsey Kolojejchick, and Kat Sharkey
• 2007 Regional All Americans: Devon Gagliardi, Kelsey Kolojejchick, and Kat Sharkey
• 2008 Regional All Americans: Devon Gagliardi and Kelsey Kolojejchick
• 2010 Regional All American: AshLeigh Sebia
• 2011 Regional All American: AshLeigh Sebia
• 2012 Regional All American: Morgan Malone
• 2013: Mallory Lefkowitz and Morgan Malone

College Players

Class of 2015
Marina Barnak, College of Holy Cross
Issy DelPriore, Tufts University
Alexis Quick, Bucknell University
Mackenzie Gagliardi, Cornell University
Gabrielle Volpetti, Sacred Heart University
Rebecca Weinstock, Drexel University

Class of 2014
Mallory Lefkowitz, University of Iowa

Molly Turner, Villanova University

Class of 2013
Emily Granger, Hobart William Smith
Devin Holmes, Georgetown University
Kristen Mericle, Villanova University
Marra Wagner, Simpson College

Class of 2012
Ann Romanowski, Villanova University
AshLeigh Sebia, Boston College
Kristian Stefanides, Fairfield University

Class of 2011
Jennifer DiMaria, Haverford
Nora Kornfeld, Ursinus
Lauren Skudalski, Columbia University
Carly Sokach, University of Pennsylvania
Jessica Swoboda, Villanova University

Class of 2010
Kelsey Grossman, Brown University
Madeleine Hackett, Boston University
Sierra Segear, Lehigh University
Sunny Stirewalt, Univerity of Pennsylvania

Class of 2009
Devon Gagliardi , Duke University
Kelsey Kolojejchick, University of North Carolina

Class of 2008
Najia Hasan, Lock Haven University
Katherine Sharkey, Princeton University

Class of 2007
Elizabeth Blaum , Ball State University
Erin McGinley, Bloomsburg University/Kings College
Kendra Sirak, Northwestern University
Kate Snyder, Miami of Ohio
Abigail Sordoni, Villanova University

Class of 2005
Ali Kornfeld, Providence College
Laura Suchoski, Duke University

Class of 2004
Caroline Blaum, University of Iowa
Erin Kelleher, Mercyhurst

Class of 2003
Marissa Doyle, Columbia University (Two Years)
Lindsay Foltz, Siena College (One Year)
Sam Lloyd, Brown University

Class of 2002
Jessica Banks, St. Joseph's University (One Year)
Megan Maculloch, St. Joseph's University (One Year)
Andrea Paciotti, Susquehanna University
Lauren Powley, University of Maryland (Hall of Fame Member)

Class of 2001
Christine Dempsey, Drew University (One Year)
Megan Vanderburg, Kutztown University (Three Years)

Class of 2000
Julia Chiampi, Temple University
Molly Conway, University of Richmond

Class of 1999
Chrissy Ashley, Duke University (Hall of Fame Member)
Annie Zinkavich, Penn State University (Hall of Fame Member)

Class of 1997
Karen Bradley, Wilkes University (Hall of Fame Member)
Megan Conway, University of Richmond
Betsy Lombardo, John Hopkins University
Morgan Phillips, St. Michaels College

Class of 1996
Carolyn Anzalone, Gettysburg College
Johanna Ashley, Duke University (Hall of Fame Member)
Megan Dimond, Ithaca College (Hall of Fame member)
Carly Mendelssohn, Muhlenberg University

Class of 1993
Amy Trynoski, Boston University (one year)

Class of 1991
Janelle Kellman, Yale University
Gretchen Vanderburg, Temple University (Hall of Fame Member)

Class of 1990
Lori Blue, Bucknell University (three years)

Class of 1989
Christina Caputo, Dartmouth College (Hall of Fame Member)
Liza Rosenthal, Syracuse University (Hall of Fame Member)

Class of 1988
Amy Antinnes, Wilkes University (Hall of Fame Member)
Katie Burnside, Lynchburg University (Hall of Fame Member)
Cathy DePasquale, Dickinson College (Hall of Fame Member)
Traci Ertley, Bucknell University (one year)
Tammy Jenkes, Lafayette (one year)
Laurie Lawrence, Bucknell University

Class of 1987
Liane Kersey, Princeton (Hall of Fame Member)
Susan Vanderburg, Wilkes University

Class of 1986
Leigh Lawrence, Bucknell University (Hall of Fame Member)

Class of 1985
Andrea Hendrzak, Bucknell University (Hall of Fame Member)
Ann Marie Hendrzak, Bucknell University (Hall of Fame Member)
Leslie Lawrence, Notre Dame University (three years)
Donna Zavada, Duke University (Hall of Fame Member)

Class of 1984
Kayanne Vanderburg, Bucknell University (one year, Hall of Fame Member)
Caroline McCarthy, Rosemont College
Deb Petrucelli, Duke University (one year, Hall of Fame Member)
Ann Gunster, Drew University (Hall of Fame Member)
Christy Brown, Cornell University (two years)

Class of 1982
Lisa Caputo, Brown University (Hall of Fame Member)

Class of 1981
Dawn Llewellyn, Lafayette (two years)

Class of 1980
Sue Halliday, Bates (Hall of Fame Member)

Class of 1978
Ellie Adams, Wilkes University (Hall of Fame Member)

Class of 1977
Deb Murray, Ohio Wesleyan University (Hall of Fame Member)

Class of 1976
Lee Ann Earl, Wilkes University
Janet Murray, Lafayette (Hall of Fame Member)