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Lower School Student Life

Wyoming Seminary Lower School offers a rich assortment of motivating experiences and enriching activities, outside the classroom, which are designed to make learning fun and ignite curiosity and wonder in every student.

The Lower School's student life activities include numerous sports, including basketball, cross country, field hockey and soccer; art groups like the Primary Players (Grades 3-5) and the Middle School Theatre Group (Grades 6-8); and educational programs that transcend classrooms and textbooks, such as student government, math counts and WEBS (Women Empowered by Science). These programs lend themselves to games, shows, galleries, exhibits and contests that are routinely attended by peers and faculty and staff members.

Student government consists of two Blue Team and two White Team Leaders in eighth grade. Nominations are made, elections are held and candidates present speeches to fifth- through eighth-grade students who select their Team Leaders who must serve as a positive role model for middle-school students, maintain at least a C-average and be involved in at least one extracurricular activity.

Our exciting field trips throughout the year, as well as the grand finale of Field Day, add another vibrant layer to student life at Wyoming Seminary Lower School. Field Day has been held for more than 100 years, a day of food, games, music, races and much more, preceding the traditional eighth-grade graduation ceremony and other end-of-year opportunities to make memories.

Several hobbies and interests are also represented in Sem's afterschool enrichment sessions, where the offerings vary from board games to storytelling and arts and crafts, creating a fun experience that allows students to connect with like-minded classmates. Additionally, aftercare is available for a fee.

Field Day is among the most anticipated events of the school year, a full day of races, games, food and drinks, enjoyed not only by students but also faculty, staff and parents.

Wyoming Seminary employs an expert staff in and out of the classroom, using all personnel, including our Metz Culinary Management chefs, to give students the best and most interactive education possible.