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Within this blog, you'll find personal perspectives about Wyoming Seminary, written by the school's administrators, faculty and students. Keep an eye out for new entries throughout the school year! 

At its core, the concept of adventure is an experience that is different. We see this in many common examples of adventure being something different; in the hero’s journey, for instance. The hero experiences something that is unusual or strange to them, and it motivates their adventure. That’s what I imagine my adventure to be.

February celebrations

While February is mostly known for Valentine’s Day, chocolates, flowers, hearts, and a lot more relating to love, you probably didn’t know that February is celebrated in so many other other ways! 

Wyoming Seminary seal

While this past year has presented many unexpected hurdles and obstacles for everyone, I am reminded as we head into the new year to reflect on all that I have to be thankful for.

Sem Students Give Back to the Community

With December being the month of giving, the SEMSATIONAL features students of the Lower School who are giving back to the community. Ryan and Ellie served at the Al Beech/West Side Food Pantry in Kingston, where they volunteered to bag food for families in the Wyoming Valley.

Silver Linings

On March 16, 2020 (the day we should have returned from spring break), I began keeping a "Silver Linings" Journal. I wrote down one thing per day that makes the current situation in which we find ourselves palatable, even enjoyable. Admittedly, most were self-serving (March 18 - "I can wear sneakers every day"), and others, utterly pragmatic (April 2 - "I can fold laundry while eating lunch.")