Lower School Apple Teachers

A group of about 20 teachers is currently working towards earning credentials to become Apple teachers. Led by Apple Teacher Janel McCormick, the faculty members work through a number of on-line modules offered by Apple, designed for teachers interested in learning new ways to use iPads and Macs, as well as learning Swift Coding. The Lower School faculty are excited about using these new skills in their classrooms. Participating faculty are John Eidam, Jill Carrick, Conchi Kopec, Sara Molitoris, Nancy Federici, Elizabeth Schmaltz, Toni Loftus, Liz O'Malley, Maria Alena Scavone, Barbara Rogers, Clark Switzer, Doug Piazza, Natalie Granger, Amanda McGinty, Bucky Hughes, Kayanne Barilla , Jenera Quinones, Nina Cinti, Vicki Austin, and Jen Green.