Sustainable Nutrition Gathering

The fifth-grade class concluded a three-week project on food equity last week with a Sustainable Nutrition Gathering and a visit to the Al Beech West Side Food Pantry. The 40 fifth-grade students were given colored slips of paper and depending on the paper's color, were divided into low-income, middle-income and high-income groups. The low-income group received rice and water, the middle-income group received white bread with jam and water, and the high-income group received all they could eat of fresh fruit and vegetables, tasty snacks and flavored drinks. Clancy Harrison, coordinator of the West Side Food Pantry, discussed how food insecurity and hunger is hidden in the community. After the meal, the students discussed how they felt about the differences between the groups. The students also collected and weighed food waste for three weeks and collected food and baby supplies for the West Side Food Pantry. Social studies teacher and fifth-grade team leader Barbara Rogers organized the three-week food equity program.