Four Fun Facts About STEM at Sem!

Are you among the many fans of the video game Fortnite: Battle Royale? Are you anxious to get out on your new Element skateboard? Do you and your friends experiment with creating videos for Tik Tok and Snapchat?

These are just a few of the many games, activities and social media platforms that high school students enjoy every day, and all of them were designed by creative people who are enthusiastic about STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

At Wyoming Seminary, the Louis Maslow STEM School brings STEM-based learning into the curriculum, into extracurricular clubs and activities, and into the surrounding community through a lecture series and Saturday events. All freshmen take a year-long STEM Foundations class, a lab-based course that explores physics, chemistry and biology through hands-on projects and activities. You get to see how science is part of everyday life.

There are so many cool things about STEM! Here are four of those things:

You do STEM with friends

One of the best aspects of STEM is that it is collaborative…you are given a problem to solve and you learn how to solve it with a small group of classmates who become your friends. You come up with ideas, try them out and see what works. Together you develop the skill of considering all aspects of a problem and figure out how to apply what you’ve learned to find a solution. It’s the same method used by engineers, research scientists and inventors around the world.

In a word…Robotics

Sem's STEM School offers lots of opportunities to learn about robotics, beginning in the primary grades and continuing at Upper School. Here you can build a robot to explore underwater, learn coding and computer language, and build your own electric and digital circuitry. Sem students take their classroom experiences to another level in the Robotics Club and the Engineering Club; you can also explore your interests in the Science Research Group, Science Olympiad and Environmental Club. Sem also offers opportunities to work on summer microbiology research projects at Wilkes University in nearby Wilkes-Barre.

You meet experts in many different fields

Sem’s STEM program gives you opportunities to meet health care professionals, scientists, researchers, engineers and other experts in a wide range of fields, who come to campus to speak about their work and meet with Sem students. They are happy to share their experience and answer your questions.

Add Art to STEM and you get STEAM

Lots of students like science AND art, and Sem’s STEM School has some amazing opportunities to combine the two in STEAM projects. For example, Sem students studying mine drainage can use some of the chemicals found in mine water to create pigments for paintings. The STEM School also offers day-long programs in metalsmithing, glass-blowing and aluminum pouring.

Want to learn more? Visit our STEM School page and our website for more details!