How To Choose The Best Boarding School For A Budding Artist

With the new school year approaching, families are making a very important choice of how to begin the high school careers of their children. Many families with students that are already in high school are also considering a change.

This is especially true for parents of budding artists who are showing diligent signs of passion for creating art, be it in painting, music, writing, or any of the other creative outlets on hand. High school is one of the formative periods where artists can have a world of opportunities revealed to them and they can unleash their potential, so it’s no surprise that parents are concerned with choosing the school for the next 2 to 4 years.

For those parents looking for some tips on how to make that choice, here are some ways you can make sure you’re making the right choice for your artist’s future.

Look at the works created by previous students

Most high schools will have gallery pages in their art program showcasing the pieces made by their current students. While not a guarantee of quality by any means, it can give parents an idea of the tools and resources students have on hand. Checking out a gallery and seeing detailed pieces with an array of styles and inspirations can definitely showcase an environment that fosters creativity. The Kirby Center for Creative Arts has a permanent gallery with student works which serves as fantastic inspiration for other students at Wyoming Seminary.

See How the Art Programs Progress Through All 4 years

It’s important to see how art programs and their curricula evolve as the years of high school progress. You want to make sure that the influences, media, and projects all become progressively more diverse as the years go on, and eventually culminate in a big project that can truly showcase the work and talent.

Get to Know the Faculty

The faculty in high school art programs are tremendous resources for students. Often, they will be sought out for advice on technique, where to take their projects creatively, or how to potentially start a career in making their art.

Knowing the pedigree of the faculty can bring peace of mind that students are being taught by those who not only have a world of experience but who can inspire students to create great things.

Get to Know Your Artist

The most important person to get to know throughout this process is your artist themselves. Knowing the environment your child truly thrives in and can draw from life experiences and other influences to create amazing works can help you make a choice that puts them in the best possible position. What works well for most, might not work for all.

If you’re interested in learning about how to apply for the upcoming semester, check out the upcoming dates, and learn how to apply today.