Clubs and Excolo


EXCOLO is a latin word meaning to cultivate carefully; to refine; to serve or honor. Wyoming Seminary's EXCOLO program is designed to provide the enriching experience that comes from involvement in activities outside of the classroom. This year-long growth and reflective process guides students towards participation in school clubs, organizations, and service opportunities that build social awareness and genuine involvement. Students' EXCOLO experiences will embody the core values of Wyoming Seminary which are:

• Passion for learning, leading and serving
• Integrity
• Respect
• Responsibility
• Soundness of mind, body and spirit

Any questions about Excolo can be directed to Ms. Brennan Twardowski, Dean of Student Life, at


One of Sem's core values is having a passion for serving, which challenges individuals to put others before themselves. Serving others is a valuable opportunity for students to practice empathy and to support service organizations in our area. Community service is provided without financial benefit to the students who serve.

Please refer to the community service category description for ideas. Our Community Service Club also organizes events and activities throughout the year which students may participate in. Service hours may be accumulated from June 1 of the summer prior to a student’s entry into the Upper School.

The community service requirement is:

• Freshmen must complete 40 hours before the beginning of senior year.
• New sophomores must complete 30 hours before the beginning of senior year.
• New juniors must complete 20 hours before the end of fall term senior year.
• New seniors and post-graduates must complete 10 hours by the beginning of the spring term.

Hours need to be logged and submitted using the Google Form linked below, titled, "Submit Community Service Hours."

Submit Community Service Hours 


Wyoming Seminary offers a variety of sports, groups, and clubs to help students develop their passions and interests outside of the classroom. These activities provide social interaction, educational and leadership opportunities for our students. Through advisory discussions and assemblies, students will have the opportunity to reflect on and highlight their extracurricular involvement.

A complete list of clubs can be found below. If a student has an interest that isn't represented in the club list, they are welcome to start a new organization in conjunction with the Student Life Office by emailing

Physical Activity

Soundness of mind, body and spirit, as well as continued educational and leadership opportunities, are the goals of the physical activity requirement. Our students are required to participate in one term of physical activity each year.

There are several ways to meet this requirement:

• Participate in and receive a varsity or JV letter in a sport (will also receive an activity credit).
• Complete one term of our dance program (will also receive an activity credit if student participates in the spring dance show).
• Complete one term of after-school supervised physical activity or exercise class (ie: yoga).
• Complete application for one term of off-site physical activity (ie: riding lessons, supervised training sessions). The Class Dean must approve the activity and the student is responsible for submitting required documentation for credit to be issued.

STUDENT Clubs and Organizations

Below is a list of clubs offered by Wyoming Seminary. The list is constantly changing with new offerings being added and some old ones going away each year. The faculty advisor and leaders (if applicable) are included as well so any interested student can reach out.

Name of organization Student Leaders Faculty Advisor
“The Wyoming” (Yearbook) Lauren Finlay, Paul Stevenson, Ama Reitsma

Logan Chace, Meredith Shafer, Matt Bufano

Art Sustainability Club Emera Humphreys Nicole Lewis, Mark Webber
Artisan Club Gabe Rampp Colleen Ayers
Asian Culture Club Gabe and Richie DeLuna Jessica Gensel
Backstage Crew N/A Floyd Bussie
Baking Club Bella Fox Meredith Shafer
Baseball Michael Vodzak, Hayden Vought, Gianni Argenta, Matthew Spera, Antek Evan Kyle Ofier
Blue Crew N/A Brennan Twardowski
Blue Key N/A Liz Katyl
Book2Film Lily Roberti, Hayley Smeraldi, Lexy Lichtenstein Pete Froehlich
Boys Varsity Basketball N/A Carlos Rivas
Boys lacrosse Jack Herron, Quinn Kelly, Matt Swartz, Xavier Beaulac Terry Herron
Boys Ice Hockey Ford Boock Justin Lyle
Boys wrestling Dom Federici Cornell Robinson
Business Club Grant Pryor and Thomas Iskra Amy Keiper, Julie Calabro
Chess Club Thomas Figura, Gabriel Rampp (Co-presidents) Shane Senchak, Hayden 'Cade' Butcher (administrators) Renee McGowan
Choral Music Department Reps: Ari Froelich, Lucy Lew Dan Hall
Classics Club Cara McCall, Lauren Urosevich, McKayla Williams, Trinity Kong Morgan Penland, Liz Penland
Climate Science and Sustainability Michael McGlinn Michael McGlinn
Community Service None Catie Kersey
Crochet Club Armeen Ali, Kara Perzia Bella Dohn
Cross Country Team Gopal Patel, Annabel Dobash, Jack Novelli Jill Snowdon
Crossword Puzzle Club Ama Reitsma, Gopal Patel Nicole Lewis
Dance Lucy Lew, Holly Egbert Bernardine Vojtko
Debate Club Jacob Nivert, Ethan Snyder, Rita Kupstas Pete Froehlich
Drama & Stage Crew Juniors and Seniors in Drama Jason Sherry
Dude Be Nice Claire Stretanski, Lucy Lew Brennan Twardowski
Environmental Club Trinity Kong, Rebecca Polgar Nicole Lewis, Bridget Mack
Esports Club Bradley McGinty Kate Mercado
Field Hockey Isabella Pisano, Maddie Olshemski, Ella Barbacci, Emma Watchilla, Megan Cotrone, Chase Taylor, Sophia Stash Karen Klassner
Fishing Club Tracey Kindler, Aiden Gilbert, Jack Herron, Liam Davis Randy Granger
Girls Basketball Cassidy Skoranski, Maddie Olshemski, Margaret Ganter, Lexy Lichtenstein CJ Kersey
Girls Lacrosse Sadie Gilbert, Avery Luksic, Maddie Olshemski Dave Spath
Girls Soccer Helena Prusak, Cassidy Skoranski, Cat Ziegler Erin Mclaughlin
Girls Softball Rosey Kelly TBD
Global Language Help Center Abby Chong, Gunnar Grebeck, Olivia Sekel Jill Stretanski
History Club Paul Stevenson Brian Kaschak
HOSA (Health Occupations for Students of America) Faith Stoshak, Parker Mosley Melissa McHale
Humanities and Global Studies Concentration N/A Jill Stretanski, Brian Kaschak
Instrumental Music Faculty

Tyler Harvey, Christiane Vaida, Monica Spishock, Jamie Orfanella

International Club Abby Chong Jeni Brown
Jazz Band Claire Stretanski Jamie Orfanella
K-pop Dance Club Allison Luo Jessica Gensel
Let's Just Talk Isabella Chigogidze CJ Kersey
Lettuce Club Emera Humphreys, Sasha Mubasher, Olivia Stevens, Nahisha Pokhrel, Annabel Dobash Mark Webber
Levi Spragues Alex Kang, Ford Boock, Jack Higgins, Armeen Ali, Claire Stretanski, Cassidy Skoranski Brennan Twardowski
Library Advisor Board (LAB) Claire Stretanski, David Getz Ivy Miller
Math Center David Getz, Robert Fan Renee McGowan
Mock Trial Paul Stevenson, Grace Kowalski, Paige Kenwell Pete Froehlich
Model UN Drew Mauriello, Mikel Salas-Warner Nick Fritz
Origami Club Harry Xu Jeni Brown
Peer Tutoring Department Reps Sara Latcham
Photography Club Sasha Roumyantseva Mark Webber
PRISM Claire Stretanski Nick Fritz
Puppet Club Hannah Salesky Colleen Ayers
RAs Leaders by dorm TBD
Religious Diversity Club Francesca Ramos, Armeen Ali, Paige Kenewell Morgan Penland
Rowing Victoria Weirich-Freiburg, Mikel Salas-Warner Michael McGlinn
Science Olympiad Robert Fan Renee Casterline, Tricia Strazdus
Science Research Group Drew Mauriello Andrea Nerozzi, Tricia Strazdus
Sem Against Animal Cruelty Cara McCall, Anna Wright, Abby Kim Morgan Penland
SEM Dance Marathon (SEMDM) Paul Stevenson, Shane Holcomb, Gabe DeLuna, Ama Reitsma, Sasha Roumyantseva Kristie Stevenson
SemFem Nahisha Pokhrel, Lauran Cox Morgan Penland
Ski Club Isabella Chigogidze Colleen Ayers
SLAM (Sem Literary & Arts Magazine) Erica Zhu, Anna Chong Logan Chace
Solid Works / 3D Printing Robert Beletsky, Alex Ross Colleen Ayers
Sports Careers Club Shane Holcombe, Parker Mosley, Eric Gardner Matt Bufano, Jill Snowdon
STEAM/STEM Harry Feng, Drew Mauriello Andrea Nerozzi
Student Government Representatives by class Liz Penland
Student Leadership Levi Spragues, RAs, Student Government, Department Reps

Brennan Twardowski, Liz Penland, Nicole Lewis

Students of Color Alliance (SOCA) Tessely Solano, Destiny Lora, Ima Enodien, Kendall Nguyen Jenna Mercatili, Jenn Dice
Swimming Claire Stretanski, Ryleigh Collins Phil Mercatili
Valero Verde Drew Muriello, Sara Stevanovic, Gia Cella Breanne Finagan
The Opinator N/A Ivy Miller
Volleyball Club Chi Ebi-Ekweozoh Melissa McHale
When We All Vote Paul Stevenson, Emera Humphreys JoAnne Rossi
Writing Center Ama Reitsma, Lily Roberti Jennifer Novotney
Young Conservative Club Cassidy Skoranski CJ Kersey