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Clubs and Excolo


Sem's campus activities requirement is administered through the Excolo program. Excolo is a Latin word meaning to cultivate carefully; to refine; to serve or honor. Wyoming Seminary’s Excolo program is a program designed to provide the enriching experience which comes from involvement in activities out of the classroom and the social awareness and commitment which results from community service. There are three parts to the Excolo program: community service, involvement in on-campus activities, and being physically active. The three Excolo requirements support the core values of Wyoming Seminary which are:

• Passion for learning, leading and serving
• Integrity
• Respect
• Responsibility
• Soundness of mind, body and spirit

Any questions about Excolo can be directed to Mr. Harry Shafer, Director of Student Activities, at


One of Sem's core values is having a passion for serving, which challenges individuals to put others before themselves. Serving others is a valuable opportunity for students to practice empathy and to support service organizations in our area. Community service is provided without financial benefit to the students who serve.

Please refer to the community service category description for ideas. Our Community Service Club also organizes events and activities throughout the year which students may participate in. Service hours may be accumulated from June 1 of the summer prior to a student’s entry into the Upper School.

The community service requirement is:

• Freshmen and new sophomores must complete 40 hours before the beginning of senior year.
• New juniors must complete 20 hours before the end of fall term senior year.
• New seniors and post-graduates must complete 10 hours by the beginning of the spring term.

Hours need to be logged and submitted to the Class Dean’s office on both the community service Agency Evaluation Form and Student Self-Evaluation Form.

Submit Community Service Hours 


Wyoming Seminary offers a variety of sports, groups, and clubs to help students develop their passions and interests outside of the classroom. These activities provide social interaction, educational and leadership opportunities for our students.

The activity requirement is:

• Freshmen and sophomores must complete two activities each of those years; no requirement for junior and senior year.
• New juniors, seniors and post-graduates must complete one activity their first year at Sem.

A complete list of clubs can be found below.

Physical Activity

Soundness of mind, body and spirit, as well as continued educational and leadership opportunities, are the goals of the physical activity requirement. Our students are required to participate in one term of physical activity each year.

There are several ways to meet this requirement:

• Participate in and receive a varsity or JV letter in a sport (will also receive an activity credit).
• Complete one term of our dance program (will also receive an activity credit if student participates in the spring dance show).
• Complete one term of after-school supervised physical activity or exercise class (ie: yoga).

Complete application for one term of off-site physical activity (ie: riding lessons, supervised training sessions). The Class Dean must approve the activity and the student is responsible for submitting required documentation for credit to be issued.


Student Government is an organization representing students, faculty, and administration which is responsible for many of the non-academic aspects of school life. The Government has one regularly scheduled meeting per month. All meetings are open to any member of the Sem’s community. Advisors: Elaine Burg, Jay Harvey, C.J. Kersey, Catie Kersey and Jane Slaff.


Peer Group is a monthly gathering of students who represent a cross-section of the Seminary student body. They meet with members of the administrative team to discuss issues of interest to the overall life of the Sem community. Additionally the Peer Group plans programs and initiates projects that will have a positive influence on the school. Advisors: Catie Kersey and Renee Casterline.


Wyoming Seminary’s Cum Laude chapter was founded in 1930. Senior student members are elected in the fall and in the spring. These students must have a junior year average of at least 3.4 (out of a possible 4.0) and have had no junior grade below “C-.” At the end of the senior year, more students may be inducted, bringing the total to no more than 20% of the senior class. At the end of the senior year, inductees must have attained a cumulative average during their junior and senior years of at least 3.1 and no grade below “C-.”


Blue Key is a student ambassador organization that primarily helps the Admission and Alumni offices. Blue Key members serve as student representatives at admission, alumni, development and presidential activities, and as on-campus hosts for all campus visitors. Advisor: Liz Clements Katyl.


There are many clubs to choose from at Sem. For more information about clubs contact Harry Shafer, Director of Student Activities at If you don't see a club that you're interested in, start your own! Our currently available clubs are listed below and the faculty advisors are listed in parenthesis.

Activities Committee Executives (Harry Shafer)
Artisan Club (Colleen Ayers)
Baking Club (Harry Shafer)
Blue Key (Liz Clements Katyl)
Chess Club
Civic Orchestra (John M. Vaida)
Community Service (Elaine Burg)
Dance (Bernie Votjko)
Drama/Musical/Workshops (Jason Sherry, Lydia Traill, Floyd Bussie)
Engineering Club (Chris Pons)
Environmental Club (Andrea Nerozzi)
Film Club (Jason Sherry)
French Club (Elaine Burg)
Hacky Sack Club (Ivy Miller)
Handbells (Tony Kubasek)
International Club (Konstantin Lyavdansky, Jessica Liu)
IT Club (Konstantin Lyavdansky)
Jazz Band (Jamie Orfanella)
LAB (Library Advisory Board) (Ivy Miller, Brennan Twardowski)
Madrigals (John Vaida)
Mandarin Club (Jessica Liu)
Math Club (Jim Doherty)
Media Club (Ivy Miller)
Medical Club (Beth Blaum)
Mock Trial (Adam Carlisle, David Johnson)
Model UN (Steve Ris)
Opinator School Newspaper (Ivy Miller)
Peer Group (Renee Casterline, Catie Kersey)
Photography Club (Konstantin Lyavdansky)
Robotics Club
Science Olympiad (Tricia Strazdus)
Science Research Group (Andrea Nerozzi)
Stage Crew (Floyd Bussie)
Student Government (Harry Shafer)
TEDed (Ivy Miller)
The Wyoming Yearbook (Liz Frosini, Logan Chace)
True Blue (Harry Shafer)
Writing Center Tutors (Lydia Traill)

Student Activities Fair