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Upper School Residential Life

Residential living at Wyoming Seminary is an experience shared during the 2023-24 academic year by 153 students from 35 countries and 17 states. Sem's residential environment provides a supportive and structured community where students can learn, socialize and experience personal growth.

Each of the three residential dormitories is supervised by trained dorm faculty and residential advisors, who provide guidance, support and ensure the well-being of the students in the residence halls.

Common spaces and lounges are available for students to study or enjoy time with their friends, while the Fleck Dining Hall is a popular location for students to meet after meals to study and have a snack or coffee at the Caribou Coffee Kiosk.

Weekend activities are well-planned and communicated with students. Activities range from trips to local shopping districts, movie theaters and restaurants, to seasonal activities such as go-karts, haunted houses and ornament-making.

All students adhere to the structured daily schedule that includes academic classes, study halls, extracurricular activities and designated meal times. The structured schedule helps students manage their time effectively and balance academic and personal commitments.