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Upper School Student Life

Wyoming Seminary's on- and off-campus activities cater to all interests and passions, serving a student body whose hobbies and desires are as diverse as the student body itself.

For all their differences, though, a sense of community is apparent among the students at Wyoming Seminary Upper School. Every Upper School student is assigned to one of four societies — groups that compete in all sorts of competitions throughout the year, leading up to Society Day, a day in which students take over the entire campus for games and activities to celebrate the end of school and crown a winning society.

While students look forward every year to Society Day, the Upper School uses its entire campus — and beyond — to host activities every weekend, and often, every day. Campus spaces are used for musical performances, sporting events, arts and crafts, weight training, studying and much more, while vans regularly transport students to nearby shopping and dining destinations.

Classes and clubs also sponsor trips to farther destinations like Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, D.C., each of which is within a driving distance of 2 to 4 hours. We believe in exploring not just to see new places, but to expand horizons and understand the historical sites that expand one's global awareness.

Social events, such as Homecoming in the fall, Semi-Formal in the winter and Prom in the spring, create more opportunities for students to make friends and memories.

Additionally, community service is required and leadership opportunities are aplenty.

The Sem Dance Marathon (SEMDM) is a day of dancing, games, raffles and fundraising to benefit the Children's Miracle Network and our local children's hospital. Since the first SEMDM in 2012, it has raised more than $265,000, including a record-breaking $46,565 in 2023.

All Wyoming Seminary Upper School students are assigned to one of four societies, teams that compete all year to collect points. The winning group is crowned on Society Day, an all-day event in spring in which the entire campus is used for activities, contests and games.