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Clubs and Excolo

With over 80 clubs, activities, and sports on campus, Wyoming Seminary students can explore a variety of interests. Students can take on leadership roles, learn new skills and challenge themselves — all while building friendships across campus! 

"The Wyoming" Yearbook
Student leader: Paul Stevenson | Faculty advisors: Logan Chace, Mike Silverman, Matt Bufano 

3D Printing Club
Student leader: Alex Ross  | Faculty advisors: Bridget Mack, Laura Keating  

Artisan Club
Student leader: Maya Gross | Faculty advisor: Colleen Ayers  

Asian Culture Club
Student leader: Harry Xu | Faculty advisors: Jess Gensel, Brenda Pigou 

Aviation Club
Student leaders: Eva Blaum, Aimee Murillo  

Baking Club 
Student leader: Izabella Fox | Faculty advisor: JoAnne Rossi  

Bible Club
Student leaders: Jude Correa, Juliey Cawley | Faculty advisor: Cody Kievman  

Black Student Union
Student leaders: Destiny Lora, Que Riggins | Faculty advisor: Markeata Sanchez  

Blue Crew
Faculty advisor: Brennan Twardowski  

Blue Key
Faculty advisor: Liz Katyl  

Boys Baseball 
Student leaders: Michael Vodzak, Hayden Vought, Teddy Kraus

Boys Basketball

Boys Lacrosse

Boys Ice Hockey

Boys Tennis

Boys Wrestling
Faculty advisor: Cornell Robinson  

Business Club
Faculty advisors: Mike Silverman, Amy Keiper, Julie Calabro

Chess Club
Student leader: Cade Butcher   

Classics Club
Student leaders: Nora Seigel, McKayla Williams | Faculty advisors: Morgan Penland, Liz Penland  

Climate Science and Sustainability
Student leaders: Rebecca Polgar, Trinity Kong | Faculty advisors: Mike McGlinn  

Community Service
Faculty advisors: Catie Kersey, JoAnne Rossi 

Cross Country
Faculty advisors: Jill Snowdon, Alison Duda 

Crossword Puzzle Club
Student leaders: Julia Lewis, Jack Novelli | Faculty advisor: Nicole Lewis  

Dance Company
Student leaders: Lucy Lew, Molly Kopetchny | Faculty advisor: Bernardine Vojtko

Drama and the Arts
Student leaders: Tommy Majkowski, Molly Kopetchny | Faculty advisor: Jason Sherry  

Dude. Be Nice
Student leader: Lucy Lew | Faculty advisor: Brennan Twardowski  

Engineering Club
Faculty advisor: Chris Pons

Environmental Club
Student leaders: Rebecca Polgar, Trinity Kong | Faculty advisors: Bridget Mack, Nicole Lewis  

Student leader: Ivy Geng | Faculty advisors: Andrea Nerozzi, Alison Duda 

eSports Club
Student leaders: Brad McGinty, Robby Mercado | Faculty advisor: Kate Mercado  

Field Hockey
Faculty advisor: Margaret Kerrick  

Girls Basketball

Girls Lacrosse
Faculty advisor: Julia Gabriel  

Girls Softball

Girls Soccer 
Student leaders: Avery Luksic, Sarah Bednarek, Clare Griffin, Sadie Gilbert | Faculty advisor: Erin McLaughlin  

Girls Tennis
Faculty advisors:  Raphael Cooper, Dan Cruz

Girls Wrestling
Faculty advisors: Cornell Robinson  

History Club
Student leader: Paul Stevenson | Faculty advisors: Brian Kaschak 

Student leaders: Faith Stoshak, Tiffany Stoshak | Faculty advisor: Melissa McHale  

Humanities and Global Studies Concentration
Faculty advisors:  Brian Kaschak, Jill Stretanski

Instrumental Music
Faculty advisors: Tyler Harvey, Christiane Vaida, Monica Spishock, Jamie Orfanella 

International Club
Student leader: Abby Chong | Faculty advisor: Brenda Pigou  

Investing Club
Faculty advisor: Bob Tarud  

Jazz Band
Faculty advisor: Jamie Orfanella  

Knight Squire Program
Student leader: Christopher Ramos | Faculty advisor: Dan Hall  

Student leaders: David Getz, Isis Gonzalez | Faculty advisor: Ivy Miller  

Language Center
Student leaders: Olivia Sekel, Isis Gonzalez | Faculty advisor: Mike Silverman  

Levi Spragues
Student leaders: Molly Kopetchny, Chief Montalvo, Lily Roberti, Michael Vodzak | Faculty advisor: Brennan Twardowski 

Math Center
Student leaders: David Getz, Clare Griffin | Faculty advisor: Charlie Carrick 

Mock Trial
Student leaders: Paige Kenewell, Grace Kowalski, Paul Stevenson | Faculty advisor: Pete Froehlich  

Model UN
Student leaders: Ethan Brenner, Andrew Kuloszewski | Faculty advisor: Jena Webb  

Peer Tutoring
Faculty advisor: Sara Latcham  

Percussion Ensemble
Student leader: Benecio Carpentier | Faculty advisor: Monica Spishock  

Ping Pong club 
Student leader: Aarav Gupta | Faculty advisor: Dave Shultz  

Podcast Club "The Unravel"
Student leader: Theo Yang | Faculty advisor: Jena Webb  

Student leaders: Lily Roberti, Trinity Kong, Ari Froehlich | Faculty advisors: Morgan Penland, Stephanie Heerschap, Bella Dohn, Steve Bellin-Oka

Puppet Club
Student leader: Hannah Salesky | Faculty advisor: Colleen Ayers  

Faculty advisor: Dan Cruz  

Robotics Club
Student leader: Aidan Benetos | Faculty advisor: John Eidam   

Student leaders: Olivia Sekel, Nikola Durovic | Faculty advisor: Mike McGlinn  

Science Olympiad
Student leaders: Harry Feng, Ivy Geng | Faculty advisor: Andrea Nerozzi

Science Research Group
Student leaders: Harry Feng, Ivy Geng | Faculty advisors: Andrea Nerozzi, Patricia Strazdus 

Sem Against Animal Cruelty
Student leader: Chrissy Olsen | Faculty advisor: Morgan Penland  

Student leaders: Olivia Sekel, Paul Stevenson | Faculty advisor: Kristie Stevenson  

Student leaders: Sienna Popple, Katelynn Hohn, Trinity Kong, Bella Fox, Ryan Kersey | Faculty advisors: Morgan Penland, Mike Cotrone 

Ski Club
Student leader: Nick Delayo

Student leaders: Christian DeBellis, Kate Irwin | Faculty advisor: Logan Chace  

Sports Careers Club
Student leader: Jayce Decker | Faculty advisor: Matt Bufano  

Stage Crew
Student leaders: Tommy Majkowski, Molly Kopetchny | Faculty advisor: Floyd Bussie

Student leader: Alex Ross | Faculty advisor: John Eidam    

STEM Concentration
Faculty advisor: John Eidam    

Student Government
Student leaders: Que Riggins, Paul Stevenson, Clare Griffin, Nick Delayo  | Faculty advisors: Liz Penland, Rachel Bartron 

Students of Color Alliance (SOCA)
Student leaders: Destiny Lora, Que Riggins, Isaiah Reyes, Chi Ebi-Ekweozoh, Carla De Leon | Faculty advisors: Jenna Mercatili, Jenn Dice

Faculty advisor: Phil Mercatili  

The Opinator
Student leader: Lily Roberti | Faculty advisor: Ivy Miller  

True Blue
Student leaders: Destiny Lora, Cece Ravenelle, Matthew Botello, Brian Leahy, Jack Heisler  | Faculty advisor: Nina Cinti  

Valeo Verde
Student leaders: Cece Ravenelle, Dallas Hanson-Richart, Christina Fawcett | Faculty advisor: Bre Finagan  

Volleyball Club
Student leader: Eshaal Ahmad

Writing Center
Faculty advisors: Jena Webb, Steve Bellin-Oka