Brigette Henry Cooper - Class of 2004

By Jill Snowdon

The moment was dreamlike.

Brigette Henry Cooper walked into the library where she spent her school days as a child. Eager little faces were there to greet her, while a stack of her very own, recently-published books, were piled neatly and ready for little hands to claim them.

It was fitting for Coopers’s new children’s series Game Face to debut at the very place that helped foster her love of reading – Wyoming Seminary’s Lower School.

“Coming back to the Lower School to read my books to students was a dream come true,” the ‘04 Sem graduate said. “I have always wanted to see my books in the hands of young readers. Sitting in the library surrounded by stories that I had read during my time as a student, and seeing a stack of my very own books next to them was surreal.”

Game Face is a series of four books, featuring four middle school girls. Three of the girls are athletes and the other is an aspiring sports journalist.

The inspiration for the series came from her own experience with playing sports. Little League, basketball, four years of softball at Sem, and intramural softball at Boston College helped provide some material for Game Face.

The characters in Game Face deal with adversity, strength, perseverance, sportsmanship and, most importantly, fun!

“Sharing my stories with the young readers I wrote them for has been incredible,” Cooper said. “Even more special is the feedback I am getting from boys and girls who are forming relationships with characters, making predictions, and picking out their favorite scenes. Through their eyes, I get to relive Game Face with a completely new set of lenses, and I am loving it!”

After graduating from Sem, Cooper went on to study English and Communications at Boston College. After graduating from BC in 2008, she began her teaching career in Greenwich, Connecticut, where she taught first and second grade. Now, she continues her work with children as Assistant Director of Admissions at Sacred Heart, Greenwich.

When she thinks of her passion for reading and writing, she credits her mom and her years at Sem’s Lower School.

“During my time in Lower School, English classes were always my favorite – whether it was enjoying story time with Mrs. Summerhill in fourth grade, working on creative writing with Mrs. Oulette in sixth grade, or dissecting grammar rules with Mrs. Kinney in eighth grade,” Cooper said.

“In Upper School, my literary horizons expanded further. I wrote articles for The Opinator, honed my technique for the “3.5 Essays,” and interesting electives like Seminar with Mrs. Hopkins. Sem provided thoughtful teachers who aided in my literary learning and creative outlets through which I could express this growth.”