College Prep Institute

2020 Dates 

July 13-August 7, 2020
Boarding students arrive July 12 and depart August 8.


Course fee: $750.00
Residential fee: $3,600.00


7:30 am - 8:45 am
Breakfast *boarding students only

9:00 am - 11:30 am
Morning classes

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

12:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Afternoon classes

Boarders only

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Afternoon activities

5:45 pm - 6:30 pm

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Supervised study hall

10:30 pm
/quiet hours begin

11:00 pm
Lights out

For day and residential students entering grades 9-12

Many of our college prep courses are also offered in Wyoming Seminary’s full-year curriculum. For courses that carry Wyoming Seminary credit, the number of applicable credits is noted within the course description.

Due to the accelerated learning pace of summer school, students are required to attend all scheduled classes in order to receive course credits.

Upon acceptance, either an enrollment deposit or full payment will be required. The cost of books are included in the above course fees.

Additional residential expenses:
• Domestic or international students may bring bed linens from home. International students may purchase school linens for $125.
• Medical Insurance: $225 (for international students only)
• Dorm room key deposit: $125 (refundable to student if key is returned at end of session)
• Refund policy: Refunds (total payment minus enrollment deposits, application and registration fees) will be granted until two weeks prior to the beginning of any program.


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Course Offerings

Day students may register for a morning or afternoon course, or both. Residential students must register for both a morning and afternoon course.

The Bible and Western Culture
.333 credit – 

An introduction to the literature, history, ideas and personalities of both the Old and New Testaments, as well as practical experience in the varying interpretive approaches to reading the Bible. Participants should have completed the ninth grade.

The Creation of Music
.333 credit – 

Through the study of the harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic elements of music, this course will emphasize the development of music structures and the analysis of form. Included in the syllabus will be a chronological survey of musical styles. Students will experience how composers work the elements of composition. Participants should have completed the tenth grade.

The Discovery of Art
.333 credit –

Art is a universal language through which ideas are communicated across cultural barriers. This course will examine the basic foundations of the elements of art in conjunction with an overview of artistic actions and reactions of stylistic developments. Assigned research projects and class presentations are part of the daily lessons. Participants should have completed the tenth grade.

Health Education
.333 credit – 

The course takes a contemporary approach to realistic needs in the areas of human sexuality, human development, drug, alcohol and tobacco education, nutrition and stress management.

Public Speaking
.333 credit – 

An introduction to the principles of speaking that covers the social, physical and ethical aspects of speech. Topics will include listening skills, body language, logic and the impromptu speech. You’ll prepare demonstrations, introductions and “cause” speeches in a supportive classroom environment.

How to Apply

Current Wyoming Seminary students still need to submit a registration for College Prep Institute. Talking with an advisor during the course selection process does not automatically enroll students in summer college prep courses. 

ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS for students who do not attend wyoming Seminary

In addition to your application, supporting documentation is required for students who do not attend Wyoming Seminary. Please submit the additional forms below in order to complete your application.

• Residential students must submit TWO classroom teacher recommendations and day students must submit ONE: online form or print and mail

Transcript: please provide a copy of your most recent school transcript/grade report. You may send these forms via the options below:


Fax: (570) 270-2161

Mail: Wyoming Seminary
Summer at Sem
201 N. Sprague Avenue
Kingston, PA 18704 U.S.A.


After acceptance, enrollment forms must be submitted in a timely manner. Information and forms will be available on the My Summer Portal login, located at the top left of this page.

Residential Student INFORMATION

After enrollment, residential students will need to indicate their travel plans for arriving and departing campus. After completing the travel registration form please browse the residential handbook.

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