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Audition Info Summer Creative Arts



Applicants should submit an audition which includes a one-minute monologue from an American copyrighted play or theater piece, and a two minute excerpt from a Broadway show, with accompaniment.


Please include a video or photograph of yourself in first arabesque and/or tendu a la second.

Instrumental and vocal students

Submit a 5-minute video that includes samples of technical and expressive ability in a variety of musical genres.


Use the best quality video and audio recording devices possible. The performance should be recorded as if you are at a "live" audition.

At the beginning of the recording

• State your full name, age, and country of residence
• State your instrument and the piece you will play

At the conclusion of the recording

• Announce "I reached the end of my audition" and restate your name. Turn off recording device.
• Upload your video on YouTube using the instructions below and send an unlisted link to


What is an unlisted video?

An unlisted video is a different type of private video. "Unlisted" means that your video can only be viewed by those who have received the link. An unlisted video will not appear in any of YouTube's public spaces (such as search results, your channel, or the Browse page). An unlisted video is different than a private video because you do not need a YouTube account to watch the video (you can see an unlisted video if someone sends you the video's link) and there is no 25 person sharing limit.

How do I create an unlisted video?

You can choose to make any of your uploads an unlisted video in your YouTube account settings. Here’s how:

1.) Sign into your YouTube account (create one if you do not already have one)
2.) Go to your "My Videos" page
3.) Select the video which you would like to make an unlisted video. Click the “Edit” button to access the video’s settings.
4.) Go to the Privacy section of the page. There you’ll see the option to mark you video as “unlisted”, “public”, or “private”. Select unlisted.
5.) Don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button. Once you have done this your video will be an unlisted video.

Please title the video as such:

[Instrument] Audition: Your Full Name, Date
Example: Violin Audition: John Smith, 1/1/2018

Once the link is working, send link and your contact information to