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Visual Arts Summer Programs!

1 Week Sessions Offered from July 9th-August 3rd

Four 1-week sessions offered • Day and boarding options, ages 12-18

Program Details

At a Glance

Explore and develop artistic skills in different disciplines. Limited enrollment affords students undivided instruction and skill-building opportunities. Sessions are Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with activities for boarding students on evenings and weekends.

July 9-13: Filmmaking - The digital film workshop is an introduction to moviemaking. Learn about shot sizes, angles, editing techniques and style. This is a course for beginners and novices, and a good refresher course for students who already have some film experience.

July 9-July 13: Discovering Realism - This class for beginner and intermediate students with a concentration on the development of fundamental representational drawing skills. Students will also have the opportunity to produce a creative project during this five-day class.

July 16-20: Ceramics - In this week-long workshop you will sculpt and fire white stoneware vessels. Spend time making and selecting the best works to be covered with a layer of terra-sigillata, heated up to 1196 degrees Fahrenheit, and etched with horse hair, feathers and sugar. This intensive class will refine your wheel skills and you will leave with a small body of work.

July 23-July 27: Jewelry & Metalsmithing- Explore the manipulating of metal and learn to create three dimensional objects from flat metal sheet and wire. We will start with cutting a design out of metal and learn a variety of cold connections as means of attachment. Students will have the option to turn their pieces into jewelry or a metal object. Basic fabrication techniques such as sawing, piercing, filing, riveting, and oxidation will be covered. By pushing the boundaries of metal, students will learn to delve into a makers mindset and establish a new appreciation for this material that we come into contact with everyday. All levels welcome, no experience necessary.

July 30-August 3: Exploring Photography - Join your friends or meet new ones in this hands-on, interactive photography course. You have a unique vision, so use it to capture memorable images while learning the technical aspects of digital photography. The course will culminate with a final framed project and mini exhibit at the session’s end.

Program Details

• Areas of study including dance, theater, vocal performance, symphony orchestra, visual arts, and junior arts

• Experienced, talented faculty, guest artists and conductors, with multiple opportunities to perform with them in small and large ensembles

• Individualized attention in a warm and nurturing environment

• New Kirby Center for Creative Arts featuring a 600-seat theater with professional lighting, acoustics and technology

• Professional-level dance studio, practice rooms and classrooms

• Beautiful, college-like campus and a welcoming community

• Programs open to both day (ages 10-18) and boarding students (ages 12-18), both U.S. and international

• Junior arts day program (ages 7-12) featuring a sample of several art disciplines and a collaborative performance at session’s end

Exploring Photography Daily Schedule

DAY ONE Today’s Focus: All About ISO

  • Warm-up: Get to know you game and Q&A about why in the class
  • Define & Explain: What is ISO?
  • Apply Exercise: Camera trials with ISO
  • Create: Finding the right ISO manually
  • Edit: Evaluate your art and learn to edit
  • Analyze: Peer review (conscientious critique)

DAY TWO Today’s Focus: Aperture

  • Warm-up: Careers in photography and related fields
  • Define & Explain: What is aperture? How does it work?
  • Apply Exercise: Camera trials with aperture
  • Create: Experimenting with aperture
  • Edit: Evaluate your art and look for themes
  • Analyze: Peer review (conscientious critique)

DAY THREE Today’s Focus: Shutter Speed

  • Warm-up: Journal time
  • Define & Explain: What is shutter speed and what effects can it create?
  • Apply Exercise: Camera trials with shutter speed
  • Create: Experimenting with shutter speed
  • Edit: Evaluate your art and identify moods created by shutter effects
  • Analyze: Peer review (conscientious critique)

DAY FOUR Today’s Focus: Direction of Light & Time of Day

  • Warm-up: Lights out exercise
  • Define & Explain: Is light part of a photo? Or incidental?
  • Apply Exercise: Camera trials with light
  • Create: Experimenting with light (partner exercise)
  • Edit: Evaluate your art and create a vision statement
  • Analyze: Peer review (conscientious critique)

DAY FIVE Today’s Focus: Composition: Putting It All Together

  • Warm-up: Spatial relationships game
  • Define & Explain: What makes a good photo?
  • Apply Exercise: Edit and print photos for exhibition
  • Create: Matting and framing
  • Gallery: Invite family and friends for presentation

Discovering Realism Daily Schedule

Instructor: Sharon Hourigan

July 9-13, 2018

July 9 Discussion of the Realism Art Movement

Introduction to dry media materials

Creative Projects – students will choose an image to create using their developing skill set from daily exercises and will spend a portion of each day working on that specific drawing.

Line/Origin Destination exercise

Shape Replication exercise

July 10 Blind Contour Drawing

Value exercise – Pressure Scales, lights and darks

Value Gradation exercise – lights and darks combined

Creative Project continued

July 11 Value and Form – Gradation Block exercise

Notan – Capturing form by interlocking 2 shapes of contrasting value

Creative Project continued

July 12 Notan

Creative Project continued

July 13 Creative Project refined

Discussion – Deliberate Practice

Day students: $475 per 1-week session

Boarding students: $1200 per 1-week session

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For day students ages 10-18 and boarding students ages 12-18

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