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9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.


1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Workshop Fees

Half day: $180/week
Full day: $325/week

Primary and Middle School Programs

June 11-29th, 2018

Our Summer Explorations program is designed to engage students in learning and exploring through workshops that emphasize hands-on experiences and lots of FUN! Experienced teachers, administrators and teaching interns provide classroom instruction and supervised activities. The program is held on our beautiful Lower School campus in Forty Fort, Pa. Students may attend a morning session, afternoon session, or both. Students attending a full day must bring a lunch including a cold pack, if necessary.

Weeks 1-3 Class Details

Week 1

June 11-15, 2018

Entering Grades Pre-K3 through pre-K4

All About Books (morning) Following a different author each day of the week, we will read several books by each author and do a related daily craft. Students will also act out the storylines, portraying the characters in the books.

Entering Kindergarten-Grade 1

Sport-a-Day (morning) Try out a new sport each day with lots of practice and playing time.

Wide World of Food (afternoon) This food and culture camp features lessons and activities surrounding the cuisine and traditions of several countries, including France, Italy, India, China, and Mexico. Students will learn about staple foods and recipes, make and sample dishes, and discover how American cuisine has been shaped by its immigration history.

Entering Grades 2-4

LEGO Stop-Motion Movies (morning) Create the characters, props, script and shoot! Use stop-motion animation and iMovie to create cinematic magic.

Gardening Science (morning) Find out how plants turn the sun’s energy into fuel for our bodies! We’ll explore how we eat plant parts every day, design and plant a garden in the outdoor classroom, make our own tasty snacks, and plant a vegetable garden to take home.

Adventures in Journaling (afternoon) Explore the bene ts of keeping a writer’s journal with a variety of writing exercises and prompts, plus an opportunity to share creative writing with your friends.

Maker Challenge (afternoon) This class in paper crafting explores the many ways that students can make and create using simple materials. Activities in origami, paper airplanes, fans and kites, are just some of the things that we will design.

Entering Grades 5-8

Coder’s Delight (morning) Enjoy learning to code. Create video games, program robots and play games all while learning to code.

Creative Writing (morning) Maya Angelou once said, “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Within this course, we, as writers, will make our stories known. We will consider various writing prompts to develop ways to write when it seems there are no words. We will dig deep to nd our inner passions about writing and bring them to life.

LEGO Stop-Motion Movies (afternoon) Create the characters, props, script and shoot! Use stop-motion animation and iMovie to create cinematic magic.

Book Club Party (afternoon) A book club is a group of people coming together to discuss books, share opinions, and raise questions. This session will take the book club to the next level. We will celebrate everything about books. Join this experience, have fun, and complete one book of your summer reading requirement.

Week 2

June 18-22, 2018

Entering Grades Pre-K3 through pre-K4

Arts and Crafts (morning) In this camp, students will draw, paint, color, cut and glue to our hearts content creating individual masterpieces each day!

Entering Kindergarten-Grade 1

S’More Fun Camping (morning) Camp out in the library for loads of fun including a nature scavenger hunt, ashlight tag, soft bow archery, and of course, building tents and teepees! Create crafts out of sticks, stones and pinecones. There will be yummy, homemade S’mores creations and build-your-own trail mix bar to enjoy each day. Be on the look-out for friendly stuffed bears as we sing our camp re songs! Happy trails to you!

Chemistry with Kids (morning) We will be exploring chemistry through safe, age-appropriate, hands-on experiments in this class. During our exciting week, we will bake, concoct, transform ingredients and get messy, all while learning about how chemistry is a part of our daily lives. Cookies, tee-shirts, slime and exploding volcanoes are just a few of the fun activities that await your scientist!

Maker Space Junior (afternoon) Calling all inspiring young makers to experiment, create, and learn! You will be designing, making, creating and tinkering with gizmos and gadgets in this great creative class unlocking the power of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). Students will focus on hands-on, project-based activities and stretch their imaginations and make some awesome creations. Full STEAM ahead!

Tiny Chefs (afternoon) Campers should come excited and hungry to this cooking camp in which they’ll learn nutrition fundamentals, bread and jam making, healthy snack recipes, and where their food comes from. We’ll end the week with something sweet, and each day campers will keep an age- appropriate food journal cataloguing the colors, food groups, and nutrients of their food choices.

Entering Grades 2-4

Mischievous Math (morning) Have you ever noticed math is everywhere? Come and strengthen your math skills as we play games, solve puzzles, learn about money, measure ingredients and plan our very own lemonade stand!

Science & The Magic Garden (morning) Just like Geppetto and Jimmy Cricket, we’ll turn something ordinary into something magical! We’ll uncover the magic inside seeds and watch them turn into plants before our very eyes! Making a table-top garden complete with fairyland creatures, miniature plants and colorful owers bringing our week to magical end.

Crafting with Recycled Materials (afternoon) Students in this class will explore all of the fantastic things that you can craft, perhaps even upcycle, using materials found in nature and recycled goods.

Frisbee Fun (afternoon) Learn how to throw a Frisbee in multiple ways. After mastering the Frisbee throw, students will use their new skills to play Frisbee golf, kanjam, and even ultimate Frisbee.

Entering Grades 5-8

Photo Safari (morning) iOS photography hits the road. Learn to unleash the power of the camera
in your pocket. Learn the techniques of a good photographer and the best apps to enhance those photos while visiting different local locations. Limited to ten; sign-up early!

Beat Boredom with Board Games (morning) This class will introduce a wide variety of board games to students, ranging from the classics (Life, Monopoly, Clue) to the modern (Quelf, Taboo, Heads Up), including card games and brain games as well. After students have had the opportunity to experience many different types of games, then the real fun begins as they design their own! From concept to board design, to game play, to nished product, students will work together to make their own amazing game!

Behind Music Videos (afternoon) Explore the technology that makes music videos possible. Learn iMovie, Garageband, Clips and other apps to create your own music videos.

Journey through Harry Potter (afternoon) All aboard the Hogwarts Express! In this course, students will be sorted into one of the four famous houses: Gryf ndor, Ravenclaw, Huf epuff, or Slytherin. They will embark on a magical journey with their housemates by designing their own wands, creating many other Harry Potter themed crafts, and participating in a quidditch tournament! Join the ranks of those proud witches and wizards who have gone before you and make sure this summer that you can say “mischief managed!”

Week 3

June 25-29, 2018

Entering Grades Pre-K3 through pre-K4

Water, Water, Everywhere (morning) Students will dive into learning all about water, where it comes from and how we use it every day through stories, activities, art, songs and discussions.

Entering Kindergarten-Grade 1

Doc McSem (morning) Would you like to make your very own Big Book Of Booboos? Bring your favorite stuffed animals to class and watch rst aid come to life with Doc McSem’s very own nurse Laura. Each child will receive a stethoscope and lab coat so they can be part of the Doc McSem’s nurse’s of ce.

Under the Sea (morning) Time to grab your beach towel as we will be exploring the deep blue sea learning all about the beach, sea shells and sea creatures through nature and craft projects. We will play fun beach games, decorate and make shell creations and create sandy summer scenes, plus enjoy a taste from the sea. Of course, no Under the Sea week would be complete without some wet, wild, and wacky water games as we’ll nd plenty of ways to beat the summer heat. Put on your sunglasses and join us for some fun in the sun!

Sport-A-Day (afternoon) Try out a new sport each day with lots of practice and playing time.

Frozen Fun (afternoon) Oh, the weather outside might be sunny, but inside we will be making sparkly erupting snow and snow balls, shivery snow paint, building snowmen, and having
an ice block race while doing exciting chilly science experiments involving frosty frozen icy themed activities. You will stay warm and cozy with a cup of delicious hot chocolate and make yummy snow cones to enjoy! Come join our inside blizzard fun! Let it snow!

Entering Grades 2-4

Global Places and Play (morning) Each day we will learn about a country and play a game that is played there. We’ll play physical games as well as board games and even create our own game. Games, books, food and fun are all part of this week of exploration!

Seriously Science (morning) Hey there, future scientists! Are you curious about how things work? Join our team for a week lled with science experiments, science stories, puzzles and genuine hands-on fun!

Wilderness Survival (afternoon) Students in this class will learn how to prepare for hiking and camping opportunities. We will explore required equipment and its use, and demonstrate emergency preparedness.

Entering Grades 5-8

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. • $350

Middle School Stem (Full Day) Join us this summer and discover a hands-on learning experience that will inspire creativity and imagination. Daily projects and explorations in the topics of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) will supply our future designers and builders with the inspiration to complete a large challenge by the end of camp. Please note that this program is held on the Upper School campus.

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