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The English Language Institute or ELI is a 4 week summer camp for international boarding students ages 13-18 who want to learn English in the US.

This program is hosted by Wyoming Seminary's summer learn program, "Summer at Sem." Wyoming Seminary is an internationally recognized college preparatory school based in Northeastern, Pennsylvania and is a worldwide leader in teaching language and American culture.

4-Week English Language Institute: July 13-August 11, 2019

ELI offers two different concentrations during the 4-week session: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) or Language and Culture. The program tuition is $7,000.

Travel Session: August 11-18, 2019

Extend your ELI adventure with our travel session. Tuition for the travel session is $3200. Students will depart the school's campus and travel throughout the Northeastern United States with instructors and friends from the 4-week program!

Additional fees for health insurance, linens, and ground transportation will be added to student accounts upon enrollment.

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Gayle Sekel
Director of Summer Programs

Nick Fritz
Associate Director
of Summer Programs

Katie Michaels
Admission Associate
for Creative Arts



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