ELI Resident Assistant

ELI Resident Assistants (RA) are fully involved in all aspects of the Summer English Language Institute and the program is very demanding of their time, talents, and energy. It is designed as an introduction to the teaching profession, especially in the private boarding school environment, with a combination of responsibilities that include teaching, coaching, and residential life. RAs work with the English as a Second Language Institute participants during the academic day and also with the students attending the Creative Arts programs during campus events, residential life settings, and daily activities.

Responsibilities vary, depending on the abilities and interests of the counselors and the needs of Summer at Sem. RAs typically assist a master teacher in the classroom, help to supervise and lead organized sports, visual arts offerings, student activities, along with social and extracurricular events. All RAs become involved with residential life, sharing daily supervisory responsibilities. RAs live in dormitory rooms in the midst of the students’ rooms and assist in supervising the dorms under the guidance of experienced dorm leaders. Each RA serves as an advisor to a small group of students. Weekend activities are organized both on and off campus. RAs are expected to attend all weekend trips and activities along with all campus meals. RAs must be willing and able to work up to seven days a week. It is clear that the demands on the time and talents of the counselors are great, yet it remains a very rewarding experience for all involved. Applications are accepted from undergraduates who, as a minimum, will have completed their freshman year by the upcoming summer, and recent college graduates. An applicant must have a strong academic record and the maturity and work ethic to succeed in a rigorous and demanding position. Academic background and personal experience are important in the selection of counselors. Also essential is the ability to relate well to others, especially adolescents aged 12-18 in large international population.

Summer at Sem appoints approximately 12 ELI RAs each summer. Salary is based on experience and housing and meals are provided. Candidates should submit all materials as soon as possible. Regardless of the application deadline, employment offers will be made on a rolling basis. An application will not be considered until all materials, including transcripts and recommendations, have been received by the Summer at Sem office. The complete application consists of an application, resume, cover letter or personal statement, official college transcript – minimum GPA of 3.0: two letters of recommendation from either employers, job supervisors, or those well acquainted with the quality of applicant’s academic work. Please attach application materials to the online application or email Gayle Sekel, Director of Summer Programs at gsekel@wyomingseminary.org. Counselors will report for training and orientation on Monday, July 9, 2018 and complete their employment duties on Monday, August 13, 2018.